Lush’s Valentine’s Day Range 2014

This year Lush has gone, well, a little bit crazy. Neon Love is the theme for the products and gift boxes, so compared to last year where it was very much traditional colours of red and pink, this year there’s greens, blues and toucans. As soon as Christmas finished I was immediately excited for the Valentine’s range to come out as last year it was absolutely amazing and I found my new favourite smell in a massage bar, Tender is the Night, which I can tell you all is becoming a permanent all year round product! I still will probably stock up but it’s nice to know that I can get my fix whenever now. This year’s range has a little variety including:

Lush's valentine's day range 2014

Prince Charming Shower Gel, £4.65.

Now as a Disney fan do I really need to explain why this is completely amazing? With marshmallow root and pomegranate juice it’s a zesty yet girly smell. I’ve even used it to wash my hair in which left it fluffy and smelling lovely. It’s quite a jelly consistency that is the perfect happy medium that I’d definitely rebuy.

Neon Love Soap, £4.25 per 100g.
With actual love hearts throughout the product it’s probably the most adorable soap ever. You’d think it’d smell of flowers and candy floss  or something like that but instead it’s very different. Bergamot and rosewood mean it’s quite refreshing and uplifting, almost a woody smell. It’s really moisturising as well as it contains a lot of oils. I’m not really a soap person, I much prefer a scrub, so I’ll be giving this to my parents. I wouldn’t rebuy this for myself, but definitely as a present I think it’s lovely.

Lush's prince charming and neon love soap

Close to You Massage Bar, £5.50.
Last year the contrast in smells between the two massage bar was ridiculous for Valentine’s day, one was relaxing and the other was awakening and really strong. This year they’re both sweet and subtle smells. Close to You smells like marshmallows and makes you want to take a bite out of your arm! I’m really surprised by it and I’ll definitely be grabbing a couple more.

lush love locket and close to you massage bar

Love Locket Bath Bomb, £6.95.
Lush love their big bath bombs when it comes to special occasions, Easter, Christmas and now Valentine’s Day has included a larger, and more expensive bath both, with multiple layers! This is a big massive love heart, with a smaller bath bomb inside. I put the entire bomb in expecting to be blown away, however I was left rather disappointed. It has love heart confetti and glitter, it doesn’t change colour or do anything to warrant paying the hefty price tag. I’d probably buy it again for the sake of it looking pretty in the bathroom, but other than that, it’s a no.

love locket from lush in the water

Tender is the Night Massage Bar, £6.50
Obviously my personal pick, it’s back this year but with a makeover. Last year it was a little love heart with a soft center which meant it had a mind of its own and literally fell apart, this year it’s a lot more solid with a flower on top and an oval shape. It still melts down beautifully and the blend of vanilla and jasmine is beyond words. I definitely recommend trying this!

The Kiss Lip Balm, £5.75.
Back for another year is Lush’s lickable lip balm. A sheer pink with organic syrup which means your lips are tasty as well as looking moisturised and beautiful. I haven’t invested in a lipbalm from Lush before as I don’t often use them, but being flavoured definitely makes me more keen.

the kiss and tender is the night

Starting with the cheapest gift box.

Toucan Love, £10.95.
This box is a little wild and tacky for my liking, but lovely as a small gesture, a little add on or even a joke present. It contains the Close to You massage bar and an all round bath bomb, Titsy Tosty which contains rose buds that float around your bath.

toucan love gift box
Neon Love, £17.95.
This box only has one of the limited edition products which is the Neon Love soap, the rest are all year round products like last year’s Valentine’s Day massage bar From Dusk til Dawn, Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie and Red FUN. It’s a very zesty and fruity box definitely for somebody who enjoys their showers with an occasional bath.

neon love lush box
Lots of Love, £26.50.
The main gift this year is still in a wild box, but this time it’s a hat box meaning that if you wanted, you can add more inside like their favourite bath bomb, or hair product! It contains Prince Charming Shower Gel, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, Tender is the Night Massage Bar and Neon Love Soap. I actually bought myself the main box set last year as it was beautiful, however this year it would be really hard to reuse or to fit it in with a room as it wouldn’t blend in easily. I may still buy it myself this year, simply because I love buying myself presents.

lots of love lush box

Have you tried Lush’s new range yet? I’d love to hear what you think!