Lush’s Mother’s Day Range 2014

This year Lush have really outdone themselves, with the Mother’s Day Range and Easter Range coming out at the same time, we are all spoilt for choice! I managed to pick up the entire range, but unfortunately at work we’ve ran out of the Rose already so I’ll update this when I grab it this week. I’m so excited for the new products as there isn’t one that I don’t love, they’re all so beautiful and colourful, not to mention sparkly.

Lush's Mother's Day Range 2014

This year 3 bubble wands at £5.25 each came out, if you’ve not seen these before basically it’s bubble bath on a stick. You can either run it under your tap whilst your bath is running, or swirl it around the water and bubbles will magically appear! They last for multiple baths, 10 seems to be the average I’ve heard. There’s The Mum which is a very yummy smell of marshmallow powder and sweet wild orange. This smells like honey to me.

Mum Tulip is the amazing combination of jasmine and ylang ylang, meaning it’s a perfect relaxing bath. Finally, Madame Butterfly is the feminine smell of rose and geranium, I find this one quite uplifting and fresh.
Lush's Mother's Day Range 2014, bubble wands
Rose bubble bar (£2.95), which although I haven’t had in the water yet, it’s already my favourite as it has been based on the enchanted magical rose from Beauty and the Beast. HOW CUTE!? It’s an absolutely gorgeous little, sparkly rose with lemon, rose, and cocoa butter meaning it’ll make your skin super soft as well.
Lush's Mother's Day Range 2014, rose bubble bar
Wonder Woohoo bubble bar (£3.95), was made to represent how mum’s are like Wonder Woman, superheroes. It’s incredibly sparkly with Brazilian orange and Mimosa. It’s sort of a sophisticated Sunnyside.
Lush's Mother's Day Range 2014, wonder woohoo

Inhale/Exhale bath bomb (£3.25), had to go in the water first for me, it’s based on two perfumes called Inhale and Exhale that when mixed together they make The Breath of God. The red side inhale, dissolves really fast letting all its high notes out of neroli and rose, whereas exhale dissolves very slowly allowing the low notes of cedarwood, to release slower and over a longer period of time. It’s a fantastic innovative bath bomb that I’ll definitely be stocking up on. The special little surprise inside this bath bomb is the gorgeous note that is left,
‘Inhale, lay back under the water, listen to your heartbeat. Exhale and relax.’

Lush's Mother's Day Range 2014, inhale/exhale

Mumkin bubble bar (£2.95), it smells like fizzy raspberry to me and is ever so delightful. It’s perfect for Spring as it’s very uplifting and makes you feel all happy inside.

Lush's Mother's Day Range 2014. mum kin

Lastly, Secret Garden bath bomb (£2.95), filled with blue mallow flowers, rose and marigold petals, is back for another year! This bath bomb turns a dark green colour in the water and is always a favourite for its dramatic colour explosion when it hits the water.

Lush's Mother's Day Range 2014. secret garden
I’ve already seen them all in the water but instead of just throwing them all in to get a photo, I’ll slowly update this post with how they look, it won’t take me long at all!Gifts
There’s a lot to choose from with this year’s gift selection, I won’t go into too much detail at all, except tell you that the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar in these boxes is set to become an all year round product again!
My favourite gift this year is the tin Mum. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and for once with a Lush gift, I fully understand the reasoning behind all the products included, as normally they throw something wild in. They’re all really indulgent, like Gorgeous, a very luxurious facial moisturiser and Dream Cream, the best selling body cream. It’s only £28.95 which is a really fantastic price, but I just think that if you want to spoil your mum, then this is a good place to start.

Lush's Mother's Day Range 2014, gifts
So, what’s your favourite?