Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask.

Probably my favourite face mask for a number of reasons.
1) It’s the strongest mint smell ever
2) It’s exfoliating as it contains Ground Aduki beans
3) The main ingredient is Bentonite gel which is really firming so I use it on my neck/chest
4) The honey inside means it leaves my skin feeling moisturised
5) It doesn’t have to stay in the fridge
lush's mask of magnanimity
There’s quite a few face masks that I actually use on my boobs before a night out, this one is lovely because it gently exfoliates my décolletage, making everything look firm and smooth.It dries fairly quickly which means it’s perfect for when I’m in a rush, or I just want a quick treat. The mint inside makes it slightly tingle which is a refreshing sensation and makes my skin feel really clean after I’ve taken it off. It’s really nice to take it off with a textured cloth as well, as it adds to the exfoliation. The main reason why I love Mask of Mag is because it doesn’t have to stay in the fridge. I’m terrible at remembering to go to the fridge to get a fresh face mask  before a bath. So having this one next to my bath, makes life so much easier and it means I never forget about one and it never goes out of date, because I always use it up and replace it first!
It’s £4.95 for a small tub, which lasts around 10 uses.
Or £8.75 which lasts me a good couple months of caking it on myself.
Have you used Mask of Mag yet?