Lush’s Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask.

I tend to use face masks several times a week, sometimes every single day. I really like to over pamper myself. ALL of the face masks I use are from Lush as they have the purest ingredients that you can recognise and a lot of the time, eat! Love Lettuce, is a brilliant face mask with a very gentle, yet can be a quite intense exfoliation of almond shells. It also contains ‘Fullers Earth’ which is a clay that helps remove oil from your face, this is greatly needed on my nose as lately it’s been like an oil rig! Attractive, I know.
Lush's love lettuce face mask
I like to put a little bit on at a time and work it in, scrubbing my skin as I go along. Like most face masks it’s left for about 20 minutes and then again I’ll really go to town scrubbing my face whilst taking it off. It has a very subtle lavender smell as well which I love and the Lavender helps to rebalance the oils in my face. Overall it leaves my face feeling calm and clean and my nose less oily.
Have you used any Fresh face masks?