Lush’s Halloween Soot Ball

Lush’s Halloween range this year came out a week or two before the Christmas range and I really think it’s been neglected. Especially one product, Soot Ball. Now I know that it doesn’t look as ‘pretty’ as the other bath bombs but the water couldn’t be more beautiful. As a huge glitter fan this is absolutely perfect!

lush halloween

As the corner of the bath bomb reveals, it’s golden inside filled with lustre and cocoa butter! It’s absolutely gorgeous on the skin as it feels super silky. The black coating soon fades and merges in with the rest of the golden lustre creating a beautifully sparkly bath. Don’t worry though, this glitter isn’t the type to cover you, I didn’t notice any glitter on me at all actually, disappointing for me but if you’re not a fan then you’re safe!

lush halloween soot ball

(Screenshot from my instagram video @georginagrogan_)

I definitely recommend grabbing one of these as with limited edition products it’s very doubtful that it’ll be back!