Lush’s H’suan Wen Hua and Jasmine and Henna Hair Treatments

My hair has been ridiculously dry lately, possibly for years now as I rarely go to a hairdressers. (Normally I just cut my fringe, which is acceptable in my eyes.) Which means my hair is pretty much dead. I also constantly dye my hair to maintain the red so it is pretty dry and damaged. But since working at Lush I’ve found a couple holy grail products that have made my hair much better. Both H’Suan Wen Hua and Jasmine and Henna are meant to be used as a trichology treatment. Which means, you put the entire pot onto dry hair and leave it on for twenty minutes, although, I tend to leave them on overnight. Not only does this add a lot of moisture and help prevent split ends, it also makes my hair calmer and easier to work with for the next couple days, if not longer. Usually, I just turn to my absolute favourite H’suan wen hua (everyone has their own way of pronouncing it), it means ‘God of Hair’, which it is. It’s an absolute miracle worker on any hair and I’ve never heard a bad word against it!
Lush hair treatment H'sua wen hua
H’suan is full of eggs and extra virgin olive oil to improve the strength as well as avocado and bananas for moisture. It also has a lot of cinnamon inside which if applied directly to the scalp, can help hair to grow faster. Now you can see why it’s called ‘God of Hair!’ From the thickest to the thinnest hair, it will sort out most problems and make you love your hair once again. This has sorted my hair out immensely. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them how long l go between cuts. According to Instagram this picture was taken quite a while ago (June, 2013) and in no time at all my hair was in better condition than ever.
georgina grogan, short hair
Recently I’ve been trying Jasmine and Henna Fluff – Ease more and more, and I’m really enjoying it. It works in a very similar way but with a twist….
Jasmine and Henna Lush hair treatment
It has red henna inside which is just enough to give your colour a really nice shine and boost, but not enough to dye the hair, and then it’s jam packed with oils to add moisture and make curly, frizzy hair more manageable. It smells like a bonfire too which is such an usual yet addictive smell. After leaving them both on for nearly 24 hours, my hair looked absolutely lovely, it curled like a dream and had a lot of moisture/shine and body! A suggestion on how to use them is to put them on for 20 minutes before your bath or shower, and allow the steam to upon your hair cuticles so it sinks right in, but I much prefer to do this, have a steamy bath and leave it on all night!
georgina grogan
I unfortunately didn’t get any other photos of the immediate results other than funny photos, and this was the one that was most appropriate. I would definitely suggest Lush’s hair care, I have even written an Ultimate Guide To Lush’s Hair Care as now I’m absolutely obsessed.
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    Your eyebrows are perfect in this photo! what type of brush do you use to fill yours in? My angled brush still manages to give smudgy crap edges 🙁

    I love the look of this mask, I had bright red hair pre-Rihanna and I'm still regrowing and repairing my hair as it is so damaged! 🙁

    Y ~