Lush’s Emotional Brilliance Range

Now for years I’ve convinced myself that I’m not a lipstick person and that it doesn’t suit me at all. But when I started working at Lush, I found the Emotional Brilliance range. For those who haven’t seen this magical invention, it’s basically a big colourful wheel where the colours have been linked up to lots of different words to represent them. Basically it’s meant to be if you’re wearing the colour Confident, you’ll feel more confident. It’s really empowering. The colours can be used as anything, lip, cheek, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and even face paint if you really want. Some people often wear them in the hair as well, and they just wash out like a temporary dye.
It’s seriously like the God of all make-up and they’re only £14.50 each, most of mine have lasted over 9 months now!
lush emotional brilliance range
In my Everything Lush post I listed that I had 8 of these. My favourites are the black eyeliner – Independant. As I wear it everyday.
My favourite lip colours are Perspective and Confident, but I like to mix them up.
I normally where the gold, Fantasy, or silver, Success, on my eyes smeared in so it’s really light with the black eyeliner. Here’s a couple pictures of me in the different lip colours, which can also be used as a blusher!
Lush's Emotional Brilliance
Lush's Emotional Brilliance
Lush's Emotional Brilliance
Lush's Emotional Brilliance
(pictures from google of the EB bottles)
Have you given them a try yet?