Lush’s Easter Range 2014

Lush’s Mother Day Range and Easter Range came out at the same time meaning there was far too much to choose from, and fortunately for myself, it’s all bath products! Well, apart from one beautiful soap. A traditional Easter theme was taken with egg shapes, carrots and even a bunny rabbit and of course, vibrant colours.
Lush's Easter Range 2014.
Immaculate Eggception has returned this year as the main bath bomb at £6.95. This seems a little pricey but it’s actually a 3 in 1 bath bomb. First you have to crack it open on the side of your bath, or something harder, to reveal a mini bath bomb in the middle, this counts as one bath bomb, and the two sides count as two more. However, if you throw it all in together you’re left with a rainbow of beautiful and vibrant colours. It comes in both pink and yellow with a very fruity smell of lemon and grapefruit.


Lush's Easter Range 2014, immaculate eggception
Probably the cutest product of Lush’s Easter range is Bunny bubble bar at £3.25, with the same smell as Creamy Candy bubble bar. It also has blue cornflowers which float around your beautiful creamy pink bath.
Lush's Easter Range 2014, bunny
Back for another year, and staying permanently is Brightside bubble bar at £4.50. A favourite amongst Lush fans as it turns into a bright orange bubble bath, that can be broken down and used in several different baths as it’s just that big! With the very strong smell of Tangerine oil, it’s a very uplifting bath.
Lush's Easter Range 2014, brightside
As soon as you see the Golden Egg (£3.50) bath bomb melt, yes that’s right, a bath bomb and a bath melt, you immediately want one. It’s so glittery it literally goes everywhere. With a cocoa butter melt outside, and sweet wild orange oil smelling bath bomb in the middle, it’s the perfect Easter bath.
Lush's Easter Range 2014, golden egg
Fluffy Egg bath bomb (£2.95) is another product that’s made a return. With the same smell as the famous Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush’s Christmas range, most people seem to instantly love this. It smells like candy floss and bubblegum which makes a very girly and fun bath time for anyone.

Lush's Easter Range 2014, fluffy egg

Carrot bubble bar came out last year but this year it’s back, but a little different. These are the reusable bubble bars of Bunch of Carrots (£5.95), this may seem a little pricey but one carrot will last more than 5 baths making this an absolute bargain. With lemon and bergamot oil, it’s a very uplifting fragrance again.
Lush's Easter Range 2014, bunch of carrots
Finally, the only shower friendly product this year is the Carrot Soap at £3.95 for 100g. With actual carrot oil and cocoa butter this is ridiculously softening on the skin. A lot of people even find this soap fantastic on really sensitive skin like eczema and psoriasis. It’s also adorable as it has a rabbit running through the middle.
There are only two Easter gifts out this year, neither have really blown me away and I find Funny Bunny quite creepy. They’re obviously aimed at children and they’ll definitely make a good impression, at only £16.95 for Carrot and £19.95 for Funny Bunny they’re a brilliant alternative to an Easter Egg.
Overall, I think the ranges this year are fantastic. I definitely prefer the Mother’s Day range for the Inhale Exhale bath bomb and Rose Bubble bar, but the Golden Egg from this range isn’t far behind.
Have you tried anything yet?