Lush’s Compounder Stickers

For those of you Lush users out there, have you ever peeled back the date sticker on the back of the black pot? If not you’re missing out. Behind is a little phrase or pun about the product. I have around 50 empty pots at home waiting for be recycled or sent back to the Lush factory to be reused (I love that they do that). Now some people must think I’m crazy and/or have no idea what I’m talking about, so here’s how to find it…..
Lush's Compounder Stickers
 You simply just peel back the sticker. Make sure you put it back on though, otherwise you may find a product in months to come that is out of date and you don’t know. Seen as I have so many pots, I thought I would share my favourite stickers, this did take awhile for me to decide but it’s definitely worth it.
funny lush pots
Ayesha’s ‘I’m vibrating’ was just so random that I love it.
There are plenty more funny ones, but these stood out for me.
Have you got any favourites?