Lush’s Complete Suncare Range Review!

Lush’s Complete Suncare Range

After working at Lush for nearly 2 years now, words cannot describe how excited I was to finally have a Sun care Range. Lush’s new Sun care range really is spectacular and no doubt everyone has seen/read at least one product being reviewed now as they seem to be everywhere. I thought I would make it nice and easy to find out about their complete new range and help you decide on which product is best for you.


Despite a lot of SPFs on the market being tested on animals, Lush of course stuck to their Cruelty Free name by testing the products on human volunteers in a non-animal testing lab run by a vegetarian Scientist. They are tested by sectioning the skin and exposing a UV light for set amount of times to see the skin’s reaction. Lush recommends that with each product you use 2mg for every cm of skin. This basically means to cover two fingers in product for each section of the body, for example 2 fingers worth of product for your arms.


To get the most protection from Lush’s Sun care range all products must be reapplied every 2 hours. This is because  after 2 hours the sun protections loses it’s effectiveness of reflecting the sun’s rays from your skin.For anyone wondering on the products being ‘all natural’, Lush are openly using 3 synthetic sun protectors (whereas a lot of companies use all 12!), however they’re all deemed as safe and perfected fine to use in small quantities.




Million Dollar Moisturiser, £32.50 for 45g, is the answer to all those makeup free Summer days as it gives the illusion of perfected glowing skin but with a matte and SPF 30 protected complexion. It uses all of the moisturising properties from honey, jojoba oil and evening primrose oil to give the skin moisture without making the skin appear too oily. It also includes sesame seeds, oatmeal and ground almonds which work to keep the skin plump and incredibly soft.
Lush’s Million Dollar Moisturiser also includes a light reflecting pigment which was used in their Emotional Brilliance Feeling Younger tint, this is what gives the skin a beautiful healthy glow.
I do find that with having pale, blotchy skin I don’t quite get the healthy glow from this product. However, everyone else that I have seen wear it looks absolutely incredible. It’s perfect for days on holiday where makeup isn’t an option. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sit under A LOT of makeup well, but if you were to put a ‘normal’ amount on top, you should be fine. Just remember that the SPF will start to break down after 2 hours, so it’s not good for days where you don’t want to redo your makeup.
Powdered Sun Screen is definitely one of the most peculiar products in the range as it is literally a powder SPF! It’s an SPF 15 which means it’s perfect to carry around and easily top up throughout the day. It’s lightweight and feels incredibly soft on the skin as it has calamine powder, and Fair Trade organic Cocoa Butter too. It also contains lots of citrus ingredients such as lemon and lime oil to give it a really summery smell.
The texture does take a while to get used to, and it definitely needs to be rubbed in properly and throughly as well as using plenty. At only £6.95 it’s definitely something that you need to try out and keep with you at all times!

One of the most innovative products Lush have released so far, and with a rather different way to use it as you shower on your SPF! Sunblock has an SPF 30 and can be used in the bath, shower, or anywhere as long as you have access to water. It contains moisturising ingredients such as Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and Sesame Oil as well as calamine powder, eucalyptus and rose to sooth and protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It comes in a bar with 3 segments that you’re meant to break off and use as you need them. One segment will be enough for the entire body but you will still need to reapply every 2 hours. Obviously there’s no need to cover areas that are definitely going to be covered so I reckon as long as you’re relatively covered up (or wearing a acceptable amount of clothing) you should be fine with a couple more uses.
To me this feels like the best way to apply sun-protection if you’re a little lazy or don’t have enough time. There’s nothing more annoying than having to wait for your sunscreen to dry when you put it on, but this now eliminate the waiting time by simply using it in your morning shower. It feels like a really luxurious body butter (like Lush’s King of Skin). Obviously only being able to get 3 uses or 6 hours of protection from one bar at £8.95 (100g) isn’t ideal, but for people like myself who maybe only ever show a small amount of skin, it’s the perfect way to keep that protected and looking soft.
Lush’s Lifesaver genuinely is what it says it is, it’s a beautiful blend of Mint and eucalyptus infusion, Rosehip oil and avocado oils to sooth the skin whilst protecting it. I definitely think this is perfect for skin that is already burnt or perhaps even peeling as it’s going to pack in a lot of moisture at the same time as protecting it with an SPF 30. As well as all these soothing ingredients it has a lot of butters such as murumuru, shea and cocoa butter to keep the skin soft. As for the SPF it has a lot of calamine powder in it which is high in Zinc Oxide and that is a more natural SPF.



With it having a lot of calamine powder in a cream product, it does leave the texture a little unusual and strange to what we’re used to at first. However, as soon as you mix it in and go with it, it’s one of the most beautiful SPFs I’ve ever tried and it’s definitely my favourite. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be on the website right now and I can’t quite recall the exact prices but I shall update this when I have them.


Lush Sesame Suntan Lotion, £8 for 100g or £15 for 250g, is a peanut butter smelling SPF 10 lotion that helps you to tan without burning. With having a low SPF but lots of beautiful ingredients such as sesame oil, Fair Trade organic Colombian Cocoa Butter and Aloe Extract it helps to keep the sun wonderfully moisturised whilst you’re in the sun. The Aloe even helps to soothe the skin and Lush say that it could be used as an aftersun too! The sesame makes it a quite strong smelling product, so there was no need for added scents.
I’m personally not a fan of the peanut butter smell but I actually quite enjoy the feeling and the aroma on this on the skin. The size of the 100g bottle is actually perfect for handbags just incase you ever get caught in the sun’s rays.
Need a little more?
Now I know that’s an awful lot of information, but I do like to be thorough. I imagine there will be some out there that are wondering about UV protection and what Lush are actually using. To sum it up quickly there’s UVB and UVA Rays. UVB Rays only affect the top layer of the epidermis which cause burning, whereas the damage from UVA rays cannot be seen at first but they will cause long term damage such as ageing skin. The SPF basically covers any questions on whether Lush’s range protect against UVB rays as the higher the SPF the more protection you will have from burning. However, only some products have the UVA logo as the UVA ingredient has to make up a 1/3 of the overall product, and for some products, it doesn’t. Instead, Lush do assure you that any product with a lot of Calamine Powder in will protect for from UVA rays as it’s a natural sun protector. But even in products with Calamine Powder there’s Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane which is a synthetic ingredient that protects against UVA rays, so you’re covered with all of the products.
So, what’s your favourite of Lush’s new Sun Screen products?
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