Lush’s Golden Wonder (Big Blue and Sunnyside).

The Golden Wonder is one of the first Christmas products I used from lush and WOW. If you’ve used it yourself you’ll know what I mean. It’s totally unexpected, a yellow present that has bright blue inside with glitter and star sequins! However, being a Christmas product and as this is most definitely the ONLY bath that can get me out of seriously bad moods, it’s a little hard to have one on sight all year round. BUT one day  at Lush we were making bath cocktails and discovered that you don’t have to wait until October to get it, you can actually make it from two of my favourite products……
lush big blue and sunnyside
The Big Blue (obviously) is the big blue bath bomb which is full of sea salt and seaweed, making your skin irresistibly touchable. Then there’s Sunnyside (a bubble bar) which most days I’m found covered head to toe in glitter after sprinkling it on my hair (or tipping an empty box of leftover glitter over me). Together these make THE best bath I have found, so far….
lush big blue and sunnyside
Not only do you have the enchanting looking water, you also get seaweed floating around, this really made me feel like a Mermaid. Thankfully Sunnyside glitter isn’t the kind that will completely cover you when you get out of the bath, but I wouldn’t complain if it did.