Loving You Is Easy by The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess

Loving You Is Easy – You Just Need To Teach Yourself How.
As a Plus Size
(I blog over at The
(Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess) I am often asked how I get my
confidence or how I can dare to wear such ‘revealing’ items. By revealing, I
mean a knee length skirt or a sleeveless dress – hardly revolutionary. However, as women who live in bodies that take up a little more space we’re often told that
flattering fashion is ‘better’, that we should cover our skin and hide away. But
that isn’t my bag and it shouldn’t be yours!
Loving You Is Easy by The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess
Loving You Is Easy by The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess
The truth is that the media we’re watching, listening to and
reading is telling us that our bodies are wrong. We read magazines that tell us
to drop 10lbs before we can wear a bikini or to make sure we don’t gain too
much weight while on holiday. Even when we don’t realise it, we’re being told
that our bodies are not good enough unless we’re thin! And even when we’re thin
we should be making sure we’re toned, tanned and calorie counting. Us loving
our bodies isn’t headline news – they’re not going to make money by telling us
that the secret to being happy is not caring. That all sounds a bit serious,
doesn’t it?

Loving You Is Easy by The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess
I wanted to write a little post on Georgina’s blog to tell
you all that loving your body is perfectly acceptable and possible. You just
need to make sure that you listen to a new sound – dance to the beat of your
own drum so to speak!
I spend some of my time looking up body image poetry on
YouTube. There are so many women out there waxing lyrical about the size of
their thighs and how they’re in loving relationships with skinny men. These
women tell me that I am not alone, despite what magazines tell me. That there
are powerful, successful, strong women out there living life happily in a body
just like mine.
WOW By Hollie Mcnish is a great place to start or 10 Thoughts On Being Loved By A Skinny Boy by Rachel Wiley. You’ll find yourself carried away with clicking related videos
and before you know you have a warm glow of love surrounding you!
Loving You Is Easy by The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess
Hashtags are powerful. For such a small thing that # can
mean so much. I recently created the #WeAreTheThey tag which shows women of all
shapes and sizes standing up against bullying. #EffYourBeautyStandards on
Instagram is another one. Follow them and explore the other hashtags people are
using. Follow people using these hashtags positively. Before you know it your
newsfeed will be filled with positivity every day – so you can read it before
you even get out of bed.
Explore plus size bloggers, body image speakers such as
Natasha Devon and more. Also recognise that body image issues are not something exclusive to those who are
larger as Cameron Russell explains here in her video.
It’s a lot to take in, but that is because there is so much
positivity out there! You don’t have to listen to negative media. Instead fill
your social media with a new type of talk, eventually you’ll listen and won’t
think anything of wearing a sleeveless dress or a dress that shows a little bit
of your stomach outline!
Just click one link today and have a read, you’ll be
And then think, if someone really does dislike the way you
look, does it matter?
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