My Love For Navabi Coats

I’m such a huge fan of Navabi‘s Autumn/Winter collection for one main reason, Navabi coats are incredible. They’re honestly the best designs, made from the highest quality materials, and they last years on end of constant wear. We (I say we because my mum would be annoyed if I tried to take her beloved coat from her) now own 5 different Navabi and Manon Baptiste coats, the oldest is 2 years old and it’s still utter perfection. It all started with this stunning Double Breasted Asymmetric Coat that mum and I tried on at the first Navabi event we went to and it was love at first sight. It’s seriously such a staple coat and it looks so amazing on.

navabi coat

The second Navabi coat that stole my heart was the Wool Bonded Lace Coat. I didn’t think I’d pull off red on red but everywhere I went people were giving me compliments on this coat, even passing in the street. A boxier style isn’t a silhouette that I normally go for, so this was a welcomed change. I still bring out this coat in the colder months and although this is the only Navabi coat of mine that has shown signs of wear, you can’t really tell unless you’re looking very closely.

navabi coat
My third Navai coat was actually from Manon Baptiste, which is also designed by Navabi (which explains why the designs are so good!) This Lace Detail Trench Coat screamed my name and I answered! I’ve wore this coat SO much that we actually recently had this and the first black coat dry cleaned ready for another winter. It’s the perfect style for me, the colour, fit, and it has lace. I still like to call myself the queen of lace so it’s a very fitting coat.

navabi coat

My fourth Navabi coat was love at first sight again, but it wasn’t meant to be. You see, GG is a little too short and so she looked a little drowned in the material on this stunning light blue jacket. Although against my hair it looked fantastic as a cold spring coat, I just didn’t find myself reaching for it a lot! But don’t worry, I’ve found *the* coat for me…

navabi coat

I’m a blue person and when I first spotted this Navabi Blue Long Jacquard Coat I just couldn’t stop thinking about it! It has a woven diamond pattern in darker colours and is actually quite a thin coat meaning that you can wear more layers underneath. I like this because I absolutely bake in heavy coats, despite the cold weather. I asked for this in a size 24 as I do size up in Navabi and the brands they stock and it ended up being perfect.

It truly is one of the most beautiful coats ever, and I’ve already wore it every single time I’ve been out since it arrived. It has deep pockets and three buttons, it’s also quite a long coat which is fantastic for windy and colder days. At £359.99 it’s an expensive coat, but if I had the money, I’d happily buy a new Navabi coat every season as they really do last.

The umbrella I’m using is actually my longest reigning brolly from Love Umbrella and it was definitely needed as it very kindly rained whilst we were shooting these photos. My shoes are my current favourites from Evans, they’re actually wide fit enough that I can finally wear a 6 in shoes again instead of sizing up to a 7.

Underneath the beautiful coat I’m wearing my favourite ASOS Lace Top with this stunning Sallie Sahne skirt which is also from Navabi. This Copper Plissé Skirt is a whopping £239.90, but doesn’t it look so striking? I’ve already thought of a million different ways I’m going to wear this! I asked for a 22 and in skirts I can easily wear a 22 comfortably and it’s a perfect fit. This is just a perfect autumn skirt and I can’t wait to wear it more. It’s my first time trying out the Sallie Sahne brand and it’s safe to say that I’m impressed!

navabi navabi navabi

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