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The actual skin on our bodies is often something we neglect until we notice changes in our skin that we might not like. For me it’s when my legs start to get really itchy, my back becomes covered in spots, or I find random seriously dry patches. The past few weeks I’ve been using a huge range of products to really give my skin some TLC from the inside out. Like most people my skins screams at me when I overwork and tire myself out so I really needs lots of pampering and healing products around me at all times.

Something different I’ve been trying the last few weeks are drinks to improve my skin, the LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care retail at 10 x 50ml bottles for £29.99. They contain 14 active ingredients including aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and 5000mg of collagen, as well as lots of vitamins and minerals. All you need is one bottle of day, and it doesn’t taste too bad either, to gain healthier and clearer looking skin in a matter of months. Obviously that makes it quite pricey but after you’ve got the main results which usually take 2-3 months, you can reduce your intake to 3-4 bottles a week, making it much more affordable. It’s definitely worth trying if you suffer from problematic skin like acne, or constant redness.

LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin CareGrace Aloe Refresh drinks

I couldn’t personally keep up with the costs of those but then I don’t have seriously problematic skin all the time to need to, a simple pamper will set me right. But if you do like the idea of health drinks but want something more affordable then there’s Grace Aloe Refresh drinks. They’re an incredible tasting soft drink we reduced sugars, your daily intake of vitamin c and less than 100 calories per bottle.  You can buy them pretty much anywhere at Tesco, ASDA, The Co-Operative, WHSmith travel sites and independent stores nationwide. I first tried an Aloe Vera drink at a Korean restaurant and ever since I’ve loved them, plus they’re only £1.39!

The main part of this post is going to tell you all about how much I have been loving trying out Ameliorate Skincare for the first time. After hearing about the brand from probably one of the few bloggers whose suggestions I actually believe, Caroline Hirons, I knew that this would work wonders on my chicken skin! If you don’t know what chicken skin is, it’s that reddish, bumpy/spotty/irritated looking skin that a lot of people find on the tops of their arms or on their thighs. It’s actually called Keratosis Pilaris (KP) and it bothers a lot more people than you’d imagine, 40% of the population to be exact. My arms used to really bother me, as well as obviously being fat, it meant that it was almost frowned upon to get my big, red bumpy arms out. Fortunately I got over that a couple of years ago but it doesn’t mean that I don’t now want to show off my big smooth arms! The range is simply incredible and it now includes a beautiful and soothing Skin Softening Bathing Powder at £23.50. I love anything to calm my dry, angry legs and this has been utter perfection to calm my irritation down.

Ameliorate Skincare Ameliorate Skincare

The most impressive part of Ameliorate Skincare is obviously the products that can completely clear KP and those are the Skin Smoothing Shower Cream at £15, the Skin Smoothing Body Mitt at £12.50 and the pièce de résistance, the Skin Smoothing Body Lotion at £27.50. The shower cream is so beautifully softening on the skin, it really feels luxurious and leaves your arms feeling soft, especially if you use it with the body mitt, which is actually the best body mitt I’ve ever owned. It’s harsh but not in a way to break or irritate the skin. Instead it works like an incredible refined buffer and truly makes the skin feel softer. After you’ve cleansed the skin you apply the magical body lotion and in a matter of weeks your skin should start to clear up. Obviously you need to use this morning and night, which is the part that I’m not good at, but I’m really going to get a move on to try and finish the bottle off before my holiday in July and I can’t wait to show you all the results.

If you suffer from bumpy skin but it isn’t as much as an issue as KP, then you need a Coffee Scrub in your life. They are my personal favourites as not only do I love the smell but the texture is incredible and they leave your skin feeling amazing. My latest one is from Scrub Love which also contains Pink Rock Salt and Sweet Almond Oil to leave you with a silky and it’s only £11.95! After scrubbing I’ve been using my new Hempz moisturiser all over and if I’m sore anywhere, which unfortunately London left me with a couple nips from having a bra on for too long and walking funny, then I’ve been using HEALGEL. Hempz contains 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil, which means it can help inflammatory problems in muscles but it’s nothing too strong as it’s mixed with lots of vitamins and moisturising ingredients too. Hempz is available at Sally Express for £12.98. The HEALGEL Body is specifically for relieving and renewing skin after irritation, it soothes redness and is perfect on sun-exposed skin. For £39.50 for 100ml, it’s not cheap but it sorted my skin out overnight so I’m convinced.

Scrub Love HempzHEALGEL Body

You can’t forget your hands and this month I’ve been sent Outdoor Hands, is a brand new skin therapy cream that is meant to relieve severely cracked and dry hands without the adding of any nasties. Meaning it’s cruelty, paraben and silicone free. I only need the smallest amount as this is really heavy-duty but it’s perfect for people who work with their hands a lot, my dad is going to have this on his van! Plus at £6.95, it’s really affordable to replace when you eventually get through it. After a tiny little bit of cream I usually paint my nails the next day and I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone with nail colours with ITSY NAILS LONDON. They’re a new range of gel effect nail varnishes that are completely cruelty free. Aren’t the colours cute!? They last really well and have a beautiful even coverage. It’s safe to say that I’m impressed.



What do you use when your body needs a full pampering session?


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