Lotions and Potions: Bodycare Favourites

It’s finally time for a huge lotions and potions, bodycare roundup! I’ve been using so many brands over the last few months but naturally, I haven’t loved all of them….

Caudalie is a brand that I have completely fallen for, everything I have used from them has been amazing and I’m always excited to try more out. Their Hand and Nail Cream at £12, it’s definitely one of the best I’ve ever tried, and my mum agrees! It contains avocado and shea butter, it not only smells amazing but it sinks in so fast too without any greasiness left behind. My mum was very quick to steal this away, she’s addicted to hand creams. Another hand cream that we’ve both enjoyed is the Bioderma Ultra Repair, which is just under £5! The Lip Conditioner at £5.50, has been my most used lip balm for months now and it’s constantly next to me at my desk. I normally hate lip balms as they’re too slimy but this one is just the right amount of moisture. The last body product from Caudalie I’ve been using is the Vine Body Butter at £21, it’s beyond dreamy and again this contains shea butter. The best kind of butter!

caudalieBioderma Ultra Repairpromensil

My mum has been trying out the Promensil Cooling Spray as she’s had really bad hot flushes for years now. It has a patented formula that draws away the heat from the skin and it quickly calms down redness and cools you down. She’s really been enjoying it and uses it a lot, at £14.99 it’s a great product to try out for instant relief! It’s a really handy size so you can be discreet if you’d like and it’s vegan friendly too. Mum has also been trying out the Promensil Double Strength 80s tablets too, but she’s not been too well these past few months with one thing going wrong and then another, so I don’t think it’d be fair to report back on whether they’ve been working well or not. Especially as she’s not been feeling well overall. They’re priced at £49.99 and offer an alternative solution for menopause.

The Kind Natured range has been really loved in our bathroom, with the prices ranging from £4.99 to £5.99 it’s an absolute must try. I absolutely adore the Foaming Sugar Scrub and Creamy Body Scrub to use on a daily basis just to buff my skin and keep it feeling super soft. All of these products smell so delicious with their main ingredients being Shea Butter and Coconut. The range is completely vegan and isn’t tested on animals. What I didn’t know is how big this range is, they have haircare too and lots of different types! It’s available at Boots.

Another range we’ve loved has been Woods of Windsor, this is their new and vintage looking packaging and I think it’s super cute. I found the products to be really pleasant to use, nothing overly special but everyone really seemed to enjoy them! Prices are under £10 for the shower gels and hand washes, with the True Rose Eau De Toilette being £17.99. We tend to leave this in the bathroom and spray it when people are coming round.

Woods of WindsorMauli

I really really wanted to love the Reawaken Hand & Body Wash from Mauli, but I don’t as a body wash. It’s actually quite drying on my skin, especially if I use it in the bath. As a hand wash it’s really lovely and smells great, with jasmine, rose, orange, grapefruit, and sandalwood, but I just wanted more from it, especially at £23 a bottle.

A body wash that did impress me is the seriously gorgeous smelling Bathe-rite Shower Minerals from HAYO’U at £28. This is an aromatherapy fan’s dream. I’ve been using it as bubble bath, as well as body wash and it’s definitely been one of my favourites. The smell is so relaxing with a mix of lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile, clary sage, and lemongrass. I’ve also been using the Treat-rite Body Oil which smells exactly the same. At £33 it’s basically a spa treatment in a bottle, especially if you have someone who’s good with their hands to apply it for you! I like to keep this close just to smell it from time to time.