Hair Transformation with L’Oreal Smartbond at Regis Meadowhall!

Hair Transformation with L’Oreal Smartbond at Regis Meadowhall

If you follow me on social media then you’ll have probably saw a month or two ago when I had a little hair disaster. Seen as this year has been pretty down for me, I wanted to cheer myself up by getting my hair back bright red. I had a bleach bath probably over two years ago, and since then I’ve just let my roots grow out and put the red dyes on top. It’s meant that the top of my hair has been darker than the ends. It wasn’t too annoying to grow out with me working at home and having a big break from events, but I just had the most annoying little lighter ends left and I was SO ready to get rid of them.

The Before

L'Oreal Smartbond at Regis Meadowhall

I had it in my head that I’d feel like myself again, if I started to look like I did when I was happiest and thriving. So when my hair went wrong after the ColourB4 didn’t make it light enough for it to make any difference, and a week later I ended back in the exact same position (just £100 down), it didn’t me cheer up at all. Along came an email offering me the new Smartbond treatment from L’Oreal at Regis Meadowhall and the timing could not be more perfect. I really wanted to have it done before we go on holiday in just over a week and *spoiler alert* I absolutely love it.

There was another Regis Salon in Meadowhall just a few doors down from Lush where I was working, and so, I have the pleasure of knowing the incredible Jan who works at Regis, and we’ve known each other for quite a few years now. He’s been so supportive with my blog and he’s actually telling everyone about how I’m nominated in the Navabi Blog Awards! He’s one of the best hair dressers I’ve been to, and I’ve honestly never had such a great salon experience as I did in Regis Meadowhall.

L'Oreal Smartbond at Regis Meadowhall L'Oreal Smartbond at Regis Meadowhall

Jan consulted me every step of the way, we talked through every single step and really took things slow so my hair would be in a great condition. We started by wetting my hair and giving it a bleach bath, this was mixed in with the L’Oreal Smartbond. Jan gave me a mirror so I could check how light my hair was becoming and have full control over it. I really appreciated this as I was super nervous and I don’t regularly bleach at all, so having this extra assurance really put me at ease. The Smartbond has been designed essentially to protect the bonds of your hair so that the usual damage during bleaching and colouring, doesn’t happen. In fact, your hair looks healthier and shinier than ever. It’s a two step process which involves mixing step 1 with the bleach and/or colour, and then adding a pre-shampoo treatment to remove any chemical residue. This didn’t really add any time on at all, and so it’d be perfect for anyone just wanting to protect their hair whilst dyeing or bleaching. The best part? It costs just £5 extra at Regis Salons when you’re having a colour service, or on its own for £15. There’s even a take home treatment that can be used weekly to help keep your hair’s strength at its possible best.

The red in my hair really didn’t want to lift like it did for my pervious bleach bath, but that’s probably due to SO much buildup over the years. This meant that Jan took me to a peachy colour, which kind of looked fantastic? He then proceeded to dry my hair before mixing together my colours. Now I know from past experience that permanent colours never take me as bright as I want to be, so I asked if I could take in my Crazy Colours and Directions, obviously they don’t usually do this, but as I was there to review Regis and Smartbond, they didn’t have a problem with this, and it made me even happier knowing I’d be using the reds I know and trust the most!

L'Oreal Smartbond at Regis Meadowhall

The Regis Salon at Meadowhall is super roomy, fancy, and all the staff were so lovely. My Mum and Alfie came with me as I had to rebook my appointment which unfortunately landed on Alfie’s birthday, but he was super cool with it! And my mum had the worst haircut of her life the day before so I was hoping a professional at a salon like Regis could fix it, and WOW, Jan did the impossible. My mum nearly cried afterwards because she was just so happy and everyone agreed that he did a fantastic job considering the damage done by another salon.

As soon as Jan started applying the colour I could see in his face that he was happy with his work, the colour was applying so rich and bright, and I honestly looked like a cheshire cat smiling away at how happy I was. I couldn’t wait to see my hair dry so I did towel dry a little just to check that the ends where just as bright as the top and my smile just became bigger! Jan then started to take off a couple inches ready for the summer, and give me one of the bests cuts I’ve had. My previous best cut was actually by someone who used to work at the other Regis with Jan a few years back, clearly Regis have incredible hairdressers!

L'Oreal Smartbond at Regis Meadowhall L'Oreal Smartbond at Regis MeadowhallL'Oreal Smartbond at Regis Meadowhall

Jan is fantastic at fancy upstyles and I see these a lot on his facebook page, so I was super up for it when he suggested doing something fancy on me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my hair look so beautiful! Just look how shiny it is!? It looks so healthy, glossy, and better than ever.

Overall the process did take around 5 hours, but these things can’t be done any quicker, not if you want them done right anyway. I am so grateful to Regis Salon and especially the wonderful Jan for making my hair look so fabulous. I love it so much and I’m so beyond happy!

The Before and After

L'oreal smartbond before and after

I received the treatment in return for this post, but all words and opinions are my own.
  • Alfie Brownson-Smith

    Love it! And love how the photos turned out 😀

  • WOW!!!!!!

    That colour is gorgeous !

  • Stevie

    Hello, would you mind sharing what shades of Directions or Crazy Colour you use? I have mine done permanent in the same shade in the salon, but when it fades between visits I top up with Directions. However, every Directions I use tends to go a bit pink rather than the true red I get in the salon. Mostly using a mix of Pillarbox and Vermillion but have tried lots. Any advice would be much appreciated (and, God, I wish my hair would grow as long as yours but I fear it’s had far too much abuse! You have gorgeous hair!)

    • Hey Stevie!
      I use Vermillion Red but here I’ve mixed it with Pillarbox Red, 2 parts Vermillion, 1 part Pillarbox.
      Search red hair on my blog and you’ll find tonnes of review on things that have worked to keep the colour in and things that haven’t, Colourwow shampoo is AMAZING and the Red Mask Shampoo is bright red so I add some as a mask and then wet it to shampoo. They do an actual mask too.
      Marina Nila stuff is great, the red colour top ups, but I’d definitely say that Colourwow has been my all time favourite. xx

      • Stevie

        Hi Georgina,
        Thanks so much for the recommendations, I’ll look up Colourwow and Marina Nila now. Cheers! Stevie x

  • lucy

    I absolutely love it, I totally get how different colours etc can make you feel more like yourself. You look fantastic. x