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At the beginning of this month I was honoured to be invited to film with Childline in the Youtube Space in London. Childline is an incredible charity and it is definitely a highlight of my career so far, the video isn’t out until next month, maybe even July but you can bet I will be sharing it everywhere! A trip to London meant the chance to actually stay over and do something fun, seen as my mum and I were craving a little fun, we thought it’d be a good idea to review a proper day out in London. My Mum lived in London for many years, I was actually born in Essex, but since I’ve only been back to London for work and normally only get a few hours free. The idea of a full day was beyond exciting so we had to pick something that would truly take up most of the day to make sure we were fully relaxed.

After looking through and their incredible options, we had to be sensible. As much as I’d love a walk around Buckingham Palace, I can’t actually walk much without pain so a Lunch Cruise and Trip on the London Eye for Two sounded absolutely perfect for us. We arrived at the Embankment Pier a little earlier and waited for the Bateaux to be ready. The waiting room soon filled up and it wasn’t hard to see why whilst staring at the beautifully laid out dining interior. We knew we were in for a real treat. During the river cruise we received a beautiful 3 course meal, of course fancy lunches like this aren’t a huge potion of fish and chips, so the swaying, small portions of food and wine went down a treat. We could walk out onto the side of the boat for an amazing look around and overhead there was a woman explaining the different landmarks and places that we were passing. I haven’t really been far in London, Shoreditch is probably the furthest away I’ve been from the station so it was really interesting for me and a trip down memory lane for my mum.

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We had such an amazing time on the cruise that we could have happily napped and wasted the rest of the day sat down, but instead we had the London eye to visit. The vouchers for the London Eye actually last for a year so if you don’t want to do both in one day, you don’t have to. We decided to do it anyway, but it was a struggle. The bridge across is up an incredible steep flight of stairs and we didn’t know that the bridge next to it had a lift, but ours had a lift at the end so it was quite annoying after almost dying. London and chronic pain aren’t a good mix at all. When we finally got to the London Eye, of course the queue was huge but it does go down rather fast! Within around 20 minutes we were on and looking out at the entire skyline. It was incredible to see. There wasn’t a lady overhead telling us what things where this time so we had to use the interactive iPads instead. I saw M15 which I found amusing.

For us the cruise definitely stole the show but overall it was an incredible day. We ended up hanging around South Bank for the afternoon before darting off to our spontaneous next hotel, as we were only staying over one night, but then booked another in Shoreditch so we could visit the cat cafes. Best. Decision. Ever.

This is the second day out I’ve had from and I cannot recommend them enough!


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  • Looks fantastic! I absolutely love London and this sounds like the perfect day of exploring : ) xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • Looks like a lovely day out, my mum would love something like this!

    Sophie x

  • Leanne

    sounds like a wonderful day out. the london eye is definitely not for me (heights are not my fave) but the cruise sounds great – my mum would definitely love it too! x