Lola Joseph Jewellery

I wouldn’t say that I’m the best, or even relatively good at accessorising, which is why I always jump at the chance to try out jewellery and other accessories. Especially when someone else picks them for me too, just so I don’t spread my hopelessness vibes onto them. Which is why I was incredibly happy when Lola from Lola Joseph contacted me to review her beautiful new jewellery from her Brand new website. Lola Joseph doesn’t just focus on one trend, the travel all over to find the hottest trends and make them at ridiculously affordable prices, meaning we can all look stylish and cultured for less! Lola Joseph caters for everything from shoes, to handbags and even has guest brands on the site who offer customised clothes. Prices start from as low as 80p for the most beautiful little pair of owl earrings I have ever seen. I’m not quite sure what types of jewellery or styles I suit quite yet, and it seems Lola felt the same as she sent me a really wide range of all different styles, shapes and sizes so I could try them all out.

Amongst them were two sets of earrings, Punk Style Round Spike Earrings, £2.99, which I’ll no doubt where to a family event to portray my rebellious side and some Leopard Print Earrings, £1.95. I do love anything Leopard Print. Both of which do not come with any backs to the earrings, I don’t know if this is the normal thing now, or if everyone’s ears have mutated to be able to hold earrings in themselves? Either way, I definitely needed to add some backs to them, just in case.

Next up is a, thankfully adjustable, Audrey Hepburn Cocktail Ring, £2.99. I’ve always wanted to wear rings like all the stylish people with 5 on one finger (well, maybe not that many). However, due to having extremely chubby and short hands, that replicate my body, it’s not always been the most practical. This adjustable ring allowed even my sausage fingers to get it on without cutting off a blood vessel. It’s one of my favourites from Lola Joseph, but I have needed to superglue it back together due to moving and playing with it a little too much. At £2.99 it’s what you would expect and I definitely do not see it as a down side as it made me feel all posh for an afternoon.

I’m slightly confused as to who wears chokers, and will definitely not be sporting it anywhere where another human eye can see me, but this Lightweight Chain Necklace at £5.99 is definitely a statement piece. I’m far more suited for the pretty little Teddy Bear Necklace, that is yet to go on the site! It’s very similar to this Pendant with Coloured Crystals but a lot cuter. I shall update you on when this will be available, I know a lot of people have already asked me how much it is as it has rarely left my neck. I’m not one for overly ‘cute’ things, but if you add in coloured crystals, thus making it like a toy, I’m in. Finally, this gorgeous African Styled Clutch bag with a chain handle is beyond gorgeous. Not something I would usually go for, but fantastic for Summer Brights and to really jazz up any outfit. I can find the exact one on the website, but it’s very similar to this African Clutch Bag at £35.99. I should add that the quality of this bag is incredible, it’s all silky inside with so much room and storage pockets to organise your lady things, perfect!


Overall, I have absolutely loved trying out Lola Joseph and would definitely recommend you all go over and take a look, you could grab yourself a real bargain.