Living Room Update with #AWsomeGeorge – George Homeware

Whenever we redecorate, we always fail to add those homey finishing touches to every single room. So, slowly I’ve been trying to find the right pieces for each room to make our house more cosy. George Homeware challenged me to update a room with a set budget using their George Home Furniture collections, which I already buy from constantly, which made it a super easy and fun challenge for me. The first area in the living room I wanted to target was definitely underneath the television. It’s the only surface in the living room that we could actually decorate, but more often or not, junk is put there, but if something fancy and decorative was there instead, people definitely put things there, right? Actually, I was right and it worked!
George Home Furniture
Doesn’t it look pretty? I love the George Home Owl Storage Jar at £10.00. My little brother is convinced we’re going to start putting money in it and is constantly checking it, swiper no swiping I say! So far, we’re just having it as a decorative ornament, but I think it’d be a fantastic place to keep keys, I don’t really know why but keys spring to mind. These little George Home Animal Print Votive Candles at £6.00 are beyond adorable and put a nice hint of a festive spirit into the room without it being too over powering for November. We don’t often have candles on, but during the Winter nights they really just add a new layer of cosiness. Here is what it looked like beforehand…..
George Home Furniture
Not really much going on was there? I’m really happy with it now and I’m going to continue adding to it, like with my little fairy light sticks in the corner, which probably do have a technical name that I’m going to ignore for now. Anyway, couches or settees, whatever you would like to call them, are next. My Mum adores her couches, and will probably be annoyed that I didn’t puff them up to perfection but as you can see, they’re leather and what you cannot see is that they are beyond comfortable. To jazz them up a little I opted for some cute cushions and different colour blankets, as I love browns and creams, but I wanted a pop of red for christmas.
Below you can see a selection of the George Home Chocolate Spot Chenille Cushions at £4, these were on offer at the time for 3 for £10 which is quite a bargain considering their quality. The last cushions I surprised my Mum with were rather pathetic and I should note, not from George. The other cushions are
George Home Furniture
George Home Chocolate Chenille Cushion at £4.00 too and as you can see, they’re rather plump and definitely the kind of cushions we want. The blankets are beyond fluffy and cosy, I actually have stole the red one for my room, but you know, for the purpose of this photo I did let the living room have it. I really love red against brown and having blankets around during the colder months. Not only do you save from putting the heating on, but against leather they feel amazing. Again, such high quality at as the George Home Plush Blankets are only £10, incredible value for money too.
I’m definitely going to finish off other rooms using the lovely stock at George!
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