Lipcote Brand Ambassador Photoshoot #LockYourLook

Back in July I was asked to be a brand ambassador for Lipcote and join them with shooting for their latest#LockYourLook campaign and finally I can share the final photos! Lipcote and Browcote are products that I have used for quite a few years now, practically every single time I get ready. Lipcote keeps my lipsticks on longer, and I love using it on my unsuspecting mum as the tingle sensation makes her scream, ha! Browcote is fantastic for those unwanted stray hairs that want to mess your look up. I struggled with growing my brows out for years and constantly had hairs that wanted to do anything, but be in my eyebrow.

lipcote, georgina grogan

As a plus sized disabled woman, I couldn’t say no to taking part in a beauty shoot. It’s something that often fat people are completely excluded from and seen as I’ve loved makeup for as long as I can remember, this is definitely something that I will remember forever. The Lipcote shoot was so laid back and fun, the photographer, Simon Webb, is probably one of the most enthusiastic and complimentary people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. The Lipcote team are such cuties, you could really feel the family vibes on set and it really made you feel comfortable. It was so lovely getting to talk to everyone and meet more people, some of which have become my new favourites to look at on Instagram.

The ambassadors include: @thepaintedladylondon, @kandk1, @allyyfreeman, @jameswlsh, @justskai, @theyesmummum, @teresahavvas, @mdmflow, @discerningman, @thefashionfitnessfoodie, @jadelaurice, and finally, @julialaza

lipcote, georgina grogan

lipcote, georgina grogan lipcote, georgina grogan

This has probably been one of my favourite shoots to date, it’s so amazing getting to work with brands and products that you are a genuine fan on, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

For this shoot we were told we could do our own hair and makeup, and wear our own clothes which honestly, I prefer having an 110% say in how I look on a photoshoot. I’ve been this way since my first shoot which happened to be the worst experience ever (you can read about it here). This meant that I needed to find something bright and plain, fast! But with exploring fashion so much lately, my wardrobe was far too busy and so Yours Clothing hooked me up and send over this stunning cobalt blue Lady Volup Dress. I did pick up some things from Elvi too but everyone kept saying how awesome the contrast was with my red hair and the blue dress so I stayed in this instead and it definitely makes the photos pop!

For my face I sticked to what I know, to be honest, I love my signature makeup look and I was so excited to have a professional photographer shoot it, so here’s what I used:

Makeup Atelier Paris Waterproof Foundation (favourite shade is FLW1NB)
Collection Concealer in 1
Collection Powder
Tarte Amazonian Clay on eyes and brows
Benefit Gimme Brow
Red Cherry 43s
MAC Diva Lipstick on top of Limecrime Wicked from Love Makeup
The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter
Stila Glitter in Gold
Stila Waterproof Eyeliner
The Balm Blush

I made the mistake of going to a hairdresser in London to curl my hair, but thankfully, another one of the brand ambassadors is fantastic hairdresser, The Painted Lady London, who very kindly helped me out and pinned a couple sections that kept falling flat. I was and still am SO grateful.

Hair colour is Vermilion Red from Crazy Colour as I know some of you will be wondering, it’s probably the most asked question I’ve had since blogging!


Have you tried Lipcote or Browcote before? You can find them on their website and in Boots.

  • Congrats on being picked for Brand Ambassador, you look amazing!