Lingerie Wardrobe

There has been so much lingerie coming through my door the past few weeks and it’s all been glorious. Working at home means I banish bras unless I’m having someone come over or obviously going out, but now I have so many amazing bras that I actually want to wear! My favourite of them all has to be the Elomi Bijou Longline. I have wanted a decent longline bra forever now. I constantly look and I am always left disappointed when they finish at a 38 back. Even though I technically am a 38 back, they really hurt me after a while. Not because it’s the wrong size but because of how I walk different with my chronic pain, especially when I’m in a lot of pain. So I’ve started wearing 40 backs and they’ve been fantastic. I love everything about the Elomi Longline, the colour, the style, the detail and the fit, it’s just such a perfect bra. A total investment at £50 but if you have back problems, want to pull in anything on your sides that may push out in other bras, this is the bra. THE BRA. I know want the exact same style but in a balcony, my lingerie wardrobe would be totally complete. I wear a lot of low neck things so sometimes a plunge is too high on the sides but this has been fantastic for slightly higher necks. It gives a great shape and I honestly have nothing even slightly negative to say about it.

I’m not the biggest fan of non-padded bras but I still like owning them for just around the house or short trips out. I didn’t mind them before I was walking through a London park and noticed my nipples sticking out from being a tad chilly, funny at the time but I don’t want a constant battle with erect nipples. Brastop sent me the new Gorsenia Marine Non Padded bra which has peacock like embroidered leaves on the sheer mesh panel. It’s such a beautiful colour and print, plus it’s now on sale for £21.95 reduced from £38, bargain! I haven’t got any photos of me wearing it as I have to wait for Alfie to be home to help me get into new, tighter bras as my back won’t let me stretch to do it myself anymore, but the model looks cute.

Lingerie Wardrobe
Back to padded goodness with Curvy Kate and their new extended sizes, yes, a brand has actually listened! I have a lot of love for Curvy Kate so I’m so pleased they have extended their back and brief size, it’s the perfect step to make! I tried out two new styles for me and both of them were a perfect fit in a 40G. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the Curvy Kate Kitty Merlot Plunge Bra at £32 and the Curvy Kate Princess Plunge Black Plunge Bra at £30. The size 24 briefs weren’t as high waisted as I prefer but they have them in a size 24 and that’s just awesome news alone!
Isn’t my bra wardrobe pretty!?
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  1. 7th November 2016 / 11:37 pm

    That Elomi bra is amazing! I feel ya on the stiff nips too. I have very sensitive ones and OWWWWWWW. I hate winter for this reason! xx

    x LoveLeah x