LindyBop – Vintage Dresses I really want to love, but….

LindyBop‘s Vintage Dresses are the clothes that I am so desperate to get on with. Their dresses are absolutely beautiful and the prices are so affordable that you could have a complete wardrobe of their dresses and look and feel fabulous 24/7 for not much at all. If you’ve heard of Lindybop, you’ll already know the negatives I’m about to say, but if not a little background about them…. Lindybop stock sizes 6-26, and although the quality isn’t of the highest, the prices and offers make up for it. The main problem with Lindybop is that the sizes seem to be all over the place and definitely too small. I have to size up to a 22 but I’ve heard that others have to size up at least two sizes, especially with bigger busts. I’m imaging this might just be with plus sizes, as the dresses aren’t specific designed for plus, but rather just smaller designs made bigger. Which right there you can spot the problem.
 LindyBop - Vintage Dresses
My first dress from Lindybop looked gorgeous online and on me from a reasonable distance, it was hard to see the faults. However, the way the dress has been designed and how the material had been cut was rather off. The neckline on the ‘Dolce’ Classic Leopard Print Swing Dress at £29.99 is far too high and then it has too much material too high up and gapes, the arms were too small and the waistlines are far too long, mine is obviously belted and pulled up here to make it wearable. The second Lindybop dress that I tried is this Juliet’ Sumptuous Midnight Blue Velvet 40’s Style Party Dress at £20.99,  which I thought would be amazing but had similar problems. Such as the arms being too small, the overall size meaning I had to size up again but then it still felt quite tight all over. Velvet is normally quite comfy in the way that it stretches a little, but this dress didn’t.
 LindyBop - Vintage DressesLindyBop - Vintage Dresses
Feeling defeated but my inner determination really wanted to find the perfect Lindybop style for me. So, I went off and looked at the entire website whilst trying to imagine what I would look like in every single style. I’ve seen so many styles on my friends, that I knew what would suit me and what wouldn’t. I landed on the ‘Lisette’ Deep Blue Lace 40’s 50’s Style Party Dress and immediately ordered it. The other two had been sent for review, but I just didn’t want to leave this post completely negative, and I am so glad that I did buy it. At last I had finally found a Lindybop dress that was nearly perfect for me. But even this one still had its problems, I must sound so picky but I know good clothes and good designs and Lindybop could be SO amazing, if only they actually did a little more with the designs.
LindyBop - Vintage Dresses

Featuring my darling Hayley

LindyBop - Vintage DressesLindyBop - Vintage Dresses

With my Lisette there are similar problems as before, I had to size up, which then left it big in places such as around my bust, arms, and waist. Of course, with a belt and making sure I don’t bend forward, these problems are easily hidden, but still it’s so annoying not being able to find a perfect fit. I’m still getting another Lisette as they’ve just realised the same style but with different patterns and it’s beyond beautiful. I just hope that Lindybop will one day look at their sizing and fit, they’d really win my heart then!

In the last couple photos I’m also wearing the most stunning coat from Navabi.


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  • I do really like Lindy Bop, but their sizing is all over the place. My dresses from them range from a 10-16. Every time I order I just know I’ll have to send stuff back

  • I find the arm holes SO small!!
    And they squish my boobs SO bad!!
    I have 2 Lindy Bop dresses, caught myself on and stopped myself from buying more in their sale recently as the fit is just not worth the risk
    It’s such a shame as they are very affordable and completely my style but it’s not worth the 4 breast look.

    Gillian xx

    • I’m the same, I haven’t bothered to buy anything in the sale, I just have my eyes on the Lisette’s as I know they’re the best fit for me so far! xx

  • I get so fed up shopping around, especially online and have constantly take in 3 different sizes to try on. Its a shame about the velvet one because I think it looks stunning on you!

  • Charlotte Bleasdale

    Hi Georgina! Hope you don’t mind me wading in. Thanks for your post I will share with the rest of the Lindy Bop team. We’re actually doing a lot of work on our fits at the moment. Any inconsistency in sizing is a result of our stock being a mixture of older lines pre- fitting work and newer lines. Sorry to any ladies who might have been inconvenienced by this, we’re getting towards a place where all lines will be newer styles with the fit work done and more consistent sizing across the styles xx

  • lucy

    The coat is amazing! I totally feel you about the sizes. I wish the returns were free as I’d try loads more. I have however, managed to get my Christmas dress from there it is beautiful.

  • That’s a shame about the quality! I feel like now days it can be hard to get well fitted clothes I’ve had to return so much over the past few weeks! I must admit though I do love the leopard print with your red hair … 🙂 Looking gorgeous as always x