Lindybop Fay Black Heart Swing Dress

After my first three attempts at trying to find the perfect Lindybop, they very kindly let me try again and I just couldn’t stop thinking about this beautiful Fay Black Heart Swing Dress, I mean, how pretty is it!? The style, shape and pattern drew me in and although it wasn’t meant to be, as you can clearly seen from the bulging bust, I am going to make this work! More on that later.

So, the Fay is a completely different style at Lindybop than what I’ve tried before. It features a wide flared pleated skirt, a cross over V neckline, which is clearly too wide for me hence the busting pin, a lovely waist band which is spot on with sizing – when you size up. It has little cute bows on the shoulders and it is meant to sit more off the top of the shoulders but it’s not happening on me. It’s sleeveless but there’s no gaping which I hate in dresses but in the Fay I’m fully covered. It does have a zip at the back but I didn’t need to use it as the dress is pretty easy to get on and a good fit when you size up. I always size up to a 22 in Lindybop. It’s also lined but not in a way that usually makes the dress seem a size smaller and tighter. As you can see it’s a bugger to crease too.

Lindybop Fay Black Heart Swing Dress Lindybop Fay Black Heart Swing Dress Lindybop Fay Black Heart Swing DressLindybop Fay Black Heart Swing Dress Lindybop Fay Black Heart Swing Dress Lindybop Fay
The fitting didn’t work for me at all across my 38GG chest and despite trying to pin it, still it’s not wearable out of the house. I’m going to track down a fancy lace vest or at least a patch of lace to attach to my bra and wear it that way. How can I not make this work!? I need this dress, it’s too beautiful to give up on. I decided to add some peep toe polka dot heels and I now remember why I don’t wear peep toe lmao. My feel swell far too much for them to look anything other than a torture device. Anyway, I’m also using a LYDC bag to add a little shininess without taking attention away from the dress.

Appreciation for my fringe and hair here. I love these photos that my Mum very kindly took for me so I’ve left more in.

Thanks Lindybop, you’re so patient with me! After consulting a Lindybop Facebook Help Page (made by customers) I really want to try an Ophelia next, I think we might have a winner with that one as it’s more suited to my shape.

What’s your favourite Lindybop? If you didn’t know they stock sizes 6 – 26!

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  • Beverley Wheeler

    I’ve got a ‘Geneva’ dress but similar problem with the size on the bust. I’m 40G and they look like they are trying to escape. I wore it for my hen do do it was ok I was centre of attention but I’m not sure I could wear it anywhere else, especially nit someone else’s do. I had to size up in that to fit but in the ‘audrey’ dress (of which I have three) I don’t need to worry about that. They are quite plain though and I wear them for work/ day time.

  • This looks really stunning on you – but yes, I have to do the lace camisole a lot on dresses like this too!

    C xx

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    I adore my one ophelia and want to add more to my collection. This print is so adorable! Would love to see it in other colours and a bit more accommodating on the boobies.

  • Rhona O’Sullivan

    I have a similar shape to you, and the Ophelia is the dress for me – so flattering and forgiving, as well as comfortable and pretty!