Exclusive Preview of Lindybop AW17 Collection! Plus a Discount!

I am so excited to tell you all that I am going to The Curve Fashion Festival with Lindybop this year! TCFF is in Liverpool on September 9th and it’s the biggest plus size event in the UK. Not only will you be able to shop all your favourite plus brands, including Lindybop, you’ll also get to take part in fun things like photo booths, check out the upcoming collections on the catwalk, and meet your favourite bloggers.

Ever since I tried my first Lisette, I’ve loved Lindybop and I’m forever looking on their website. But this time I got to have an exclusive look at Lindybop’s upcoming AW17 collection and the best part, I get to share that preview with you all! We headed off around Sheffield to different locations to shoot these incredible beautiful dresses and film a lookbook which you can view on my Youtube channel. This will hopefully be the start of regular videos!

Lindybop is SO easy to order from, my parcels came really quickly and I love how flat they’re packaged to avoid unnecessary creases. I’m wearing a size 24 in all 5 dresses and apart from some being slightly easier to get on than others, the sizing is pretty spot on. I’ve always sized up in Lindybop and if I’m between sizes, like now I’m a 22/24, I’d order the 24 for the best fit.

Lindybop have also set up a discount code for you all to use this month! ‘LOVED10’ will get you 10% off! 

‘Lana’ Blue Space Cat Print Swing Dress

Lindybop AW17 Lindybop AW17 Lindybop AW17 Lindybop AW17Lindybop AW17

I’m not going to apologise for mega photo spam in this post because I feel CUTE! How could I resist a cat print? I’ve wanted a cat print from Lindybop for SO long and with this being in my favourite colour, I just had to have it.

I really loved everything about this dress, the length is fantastic on my 5’3 frame and it’d definitely work on someone much taller than me too. The belt is such a perfect fit, and I’m definitely going to be wearing it with different outfits. So often companies send belts that are way too small for the clothes they’re meant for, but Lindybop has really nailed this. I mean, it even has POCKETS, and I know how much we all love pockets on a dress.

It’s a tad gapey around the sides of my boobs, but that’s my 40GG bust and with a cardigan or shawl, you wouldn’t notice at all. I love the neckline on this as when I look down I can see my fantastic cleavage, but when others look at me, I’m quite covered up. But if you notice, not in a frumpy way like I usually do with anything high necked! Miracles do happen. I’m not rating the dresses but if I was, this would be a solid 9. I know I’m going to wear it a lot!


‘Tuesday’ Midnight Cat Print Swing Dress

Lindybop AW17

Lindybop AW17

Lindybop AW17

Cats on the brain lately. I feel like whenever I’ve talked to anyone lately, it’s been about cats. I comment on anyone’s new cats, send photos of cats to my friends and family constantly, and obsess over how much I want a kitten. But whilst that remains a distant dream, I will wear cats on my clothing.

How Halloween-y, Autumn-y, perfect is this dress!? I don’t like collars, it’s the whole ‘frumy’ thing for me that I don’t like, but give me a lower down collar with a really daring cut out? YES PLEASE. This is honestly a tad inappropriate with how great my boobs looked from different angles, but again from head on and for most people, totally classy even kinda smart I think?

This again is such a lovely material, length, fit, style, I’m really in love with it to be honest. This is actually the one that I wanted to wear for The Curve Fashion Festival, but after a little accident with my back last week, I may be wheeling around in a chair and that means that the peeping cut out won’t be as appropriate. Again I’m NOT meant to be rating these dresses, but this is a solid 10/10. Everyone needs it.


‘Serephina’ Royal Blue Polka Dot Prom Dress

Lindybop AW17 Lindybop AW17 Lindybop AW17

Polka dot AND blue? What’s not to love! This dress looks significantly shorter than the others when it’s hung up, but I think that with the mesh overlayer, you can’t really tell? This would definitely still look amazing on someone taller than me, with the mesh just hitting their knees. I find that with most fitted dresses around my waist, if I want a good, fitted look, I have to pull in a boob at a time. It sounds more complex than it is, you basically just flatten a boob to your chest and pull it through. A size up definitely wouldn’t work and you really can’t tell that I struggled to get my boobs in!

The arms come up a tad baggier on this style that I expected they would, and I do love to have my forearms out otherwise I think I look shorter, but there’s an easy fix of simply folding them up. This is pretty good quality mesh, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break down after a wash, which is a huge problem with some brands. I think this style is super cute for weddings, or more formal events? It just feels fancy!


‘Amber Lea’ Teal Taffeta Swing Dress

Lindybop AW17 Lindybop AW17Lindybop AW17

This is probably the fanciest of the 5 dresses! Nobody really understood how to go about the top part, but it literally just sits there making you look even fancier and stand out more. After you’re in it for a bit, you do really get used to it, and if you’ve got your hair down, it’s great at making it look bigger and more voluminous!

Again this is definitely a dress for a very special occasion, it’s so fancy and beautiful. The bow and neckline look fabulous and you definitely feel special whilst wearing it! This was super easy to get on and SO comfortable to wear. Again the length would be great on anyone and I really love this on me. This also really surprisingly has pockets too!


‘Ophelia’ Dusky Floral Print Swing Dress

Lindybop AW17 Lindybop AW17 Lindybop AW17

I have no idea how to pronounce this style of Lindybop, but the Ophelia is one of my favourite types of dresses. It’s so easy to wear, incredible easy to get on, you can style them to be more casual, or dress them up, and they make your boobs look amazing. This is by far one of the prettiest prints I’ve ever seen and I adore the ruched maroon.

You definitely need a plunge bra, otherwise you’ll be able to see the middle part like on my photos but it doesn’t really bother me. The material on this is almost silky to the touch so if you get hot easily like I do, this will definitely be best in the colder weather. I’m so excited to wear it out! This final style also has pockets, making it a perfect dress!

Don’t forget to use my exclusive discount for Lindybop this September, LOVED10 for 10% off!

I hope to see some of you at The Curve Fashion Festival!

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  • I think it’s a toss-up between the Tuesday and the Serephina for me from these new dresses – the Tuesday looks like nothing Lindy Bop have ever done before (I’m also a huge fan) but the Serephina looks amazing on you!

    Thanks for sharing this wee preview and have the best time at the festival!

    Lis / last year’s girl x