Latest in Beauty with Sensio Spa & More!

Latest in Beauty with Sensio Spa & more!

Some of these products really are the latest things out, and some are just the latest discoveries in my beauty world and they’re all pretty amazing, especially if you’re someone who sweats a lot. Which sounds like a weird thing to say but I honestly find this the most interesting product on my review shelves right now. Sweat-Off is completely different from your average deodorant that try to mask sweat with fragrances and alcohol. Instead, Sweat-Off actually minimises how much you sweat and therefore, how odorous you are. It was developed in Germany and is now hitting the UK market.


There’s even a completely different way to use it, as you don’t need to apply it every day, or even several times a day, but instead you can apply it sparingly and wear it to penetrate into the skin overnight. After using it 2-3 times in a row on clean and dry skin, you should remain sweat free for a couple days, up to a couple of weeks afterwards. You should only really use it again, when you actually need to. It’s even best to use the roll on, on your hands first and then apply in circular motions. Obviously like most products, don’t use this on freshly shaven or damaged skin, unfortunately I do have really damaged skin under my arms and I can’t use this at all, but I’ve had a couple other people try it out and the results are amazing. It can even be used on the forehead, chest, inside elbows, back, shoulders, back of your knees, as well as underarms. It is incredible and I feel like it’s going to do incredibly well! You can buy it on Amazon for £21.90.

sensio spa
sensio spa

The Sensio Spa Deep Pore Cleanser is the new way to use your favourite cleansers, at £50, it’s such a gentle yet deeply cleansing device that really helps with congested skin and pores. Perfect for all skin types, the sensio spa simply vibrates and pulsates to help remove impurities, take off makeup and enable the skin to absorb products better. You’ll never just use your hands again with this. The sensio spa 3 silicone brush types, the front, tip, and back which are all different depending on what works best for you, and of course it has adjustable intensity levels too with over 6000 pulsates per minute. Naturally it has to be waterproof and has a cleverly automated shut off after 15 minute to reserve the rechargeable battery, which can last up to 2 hours. Unlike other products similar to the Sensio Spa, this will not need replacement heads!

Salon Science aren’t a new brand, but they’re a brand that are constantly bringing out new products and extending their range which is available at Boots. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far, including the Salon Science Hydrofoliant Scalp Scrub Aquacacteen featured in my Hair Favourites of June post. New lately is their Salon Science ReCorrect Leave In Treatment GSP-T Swiss Grape at £15, it’s an incredibly nourishing treatment which helps to save your hair when it’s really damaged. To my absolute surprise, it even helps with colour fading issues! You’re meant to leave it on damp hair and style as normal, but I like to use it as a treatment and wash it off after a couple hours, my hair was SO shiny, it felt amazing, looked amazing and the colour looks so lovely.
The Salon Science Cellumax Volumising Foam PhytoCellTec Swiss Apple at £17 is another new product and it is so lovely to use. It’s an incredibly lightweight formula that really boosts your hair up and works wonders on thinner hair like my Mum’s and I love using it when I’m getting her ready. Personally, I like to add this to my fringe to get that real big, bouncy Disney look. Finally, the Salon Science Reglosse Smoothing Serum GSP-T Swiss Grape at £18, fantastic at combatting frizzy and unruly hair. I seem to have this a lot in Winter due to the heat of places and the coldness of outside so this is perfect for keeping me soft and smooth.


Tweezerman’s new AW15 collection is now out and it is seriously impressive. There’s everything you could ever need with this collection, including incredible ProMaster Lash Curler at £21, designed for almond eyes which are curvier and better to reach those difficult places. The best part of the new collection for me is the Candy Apple Petite Tweeze Set at £30, I haven’t left them alone. They’re bright red and in a handy little case making them always easy to find. I think I’m drawn to them because they’re red, but they’re just absolutely amazing. A slightly cheaper set are the Tweezerman Glitterati Python slant tweezers at £21, still as good, just a different pattern and without the handy case.
Tweezerman aw15 collection
Tweezerman aw15 collection

There’s also the Onyx Value Set at £18 which is a little kit, designed to be able to sit in your handbag for on-the-go touch ups, it’s incredible value for money too. One that my Mum will definitely be stealing is the Fashion Leopard Tweezer with 10 x Magnifying Mirror, as it’s perfect for people that need extra zoom when doing their eyebrows. It even has suction pads so you can stick it to surfaces for extra convenience. For even more added convenience there’s the new LED compact mirror at £18, which becomes its own stand too. Pretty impressive and perfect for travelling. Finally, the Dual Sided Pushy at £15, I think it’s so important to have a high quality one of these around for when you’re having your nails done whether it be by yourself or a salon. My nail people never push my cuticles down and it really bugs me, so I do love having one around.Eye of Horus’ new Baked Goddess Shadow Palettes are absolutely beautiful. I opted for a slightly warmer one the Sheba Mystical Goddess Eye Shadow Palette which is now available on Beauty Bay for £22.50. I was a little shocked at the price, but the packaging, convenience of the mirror and once you’ve used the shades, it all makes sense. These are the most beautiful shades, especially for this time of year and Eye of Horus’ products have been continually impressive from what I’ve tried!



Eye of Horus' new Baked Goddess Shadow Palettes
I am seriously impressed by the new WunderBrow released from Wunder 2, perfect for those of us who love our brows and want to have the best brows we possibly can, all day long. It hopes to achieve long lasting and natural looking brows in just minutes and it certainly does that. It’s a one step Hair Fibre Complex and patented technology that helps to really define, fill in and shape your brows in a natural way whilst colouring them, and it actually lasts for days! I know, it sounds a little too good to believe, but after trying it myself, I’m hooked! You know me, I love my really drawn on eyebrows, but for just days where I’m in the house, or don’t fancy my usual look, this is perfect for really making the best out of the brows I have. It’s water and smudge-proof, it doesn’t transfer and it comes in an array of colours.
They’ve even got WunderExtensions, for your eyelashes too. It’s a lash extension and volumizing mascara which works pretty well. It’s definitely a great mascara for separating the lashes too and more suited for the bottom lashes if you have very thick upper lashes like I do. I use this mascara to start and then carry on with my usual one, but if you do have short eyelashes, this alone will be perfect. WunderBrow is now in selected Boots stores and is now available online.
Not necessary brand new, but new to me is Threading and Nouveau lashes. I was invited to iBrow & Beauty in Meadowhall to receive the two treatments and I really have mixed thoughts, hence why it’s taken me a while to share them. Threading actually really hurts, not just a little bit but quite a lot, however the results are fantastic but you can’t see them on this photo. Basically all those little hairs around your eyebrows that show up with makeup and powder on, are gone, boom! It’s fantastic, makeup glides on better on the area and eyebrows look so much neater. I’d definitely have mine threaded again for this reason, those pesky little blonde hairs are a nightmare.
However, Nouveau lashes? I’d only really say they’re good if you have basically very small, short, or non-existent lashes. I have really long, thick, curly lashes and for me, I just found them patchy, thinning and short. I actually described them as ‘drunk lashes’, you know when you’re drunk and your lashes become really heavy? Yeah, that’s how they looked even though the felt weightless. This is by no means a reflection on iBrow & Beauty or their services, I just need hardcore lashes to make a difference, these just looked like one very poor layer of mascara for me, and that’s definitely not what is meant to happen.
I’ve seen these on so many people to know that they are amazing, but definitely not if you already have big, beautiful lashes yourself.


This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated. For more details, read my disclaimer here.
  • Salon Science is amazing i have a few of their products and love them! I love the serum for blow drying thats amazing!

  • I bought the Eye of Horus palette recently too and I thought it would be much bigger for the price. I was quite surprised when it was delivered, luckily I bought it with a voucher but if I had spent my own money I would have felt a bit disappointed!

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    Love the Eye of Horus shadows. Gorgeous! And the tweezer sets are so gorgeous!