Last Minute Valentine’s Day Scent Guide for Men and Women!

I feel like sometimes I am the Queen of Last Minutes, whether it be regarding gift buying, organisation and even remembering things. Which is why I thought it would be a perfect idea to write a last minute scent guide, for all of you who may be struggling or just haven’t had time to go shopping yet. Perfume or Aftershave is probably one of the easiest presents you can buy someone, and as long as you have a hint at what they like, you can pretty much impress every time. I’ve teamed up with The Perfume Shop and The Fragrance Shop to bring you some of my top picks of scents for this Valentine’s Day and I must say, they’re pretty amazing.
First up for everyone who prefers light, floral scents with a hint of fruity. Marc Jacobs, as always has the most beautiful looking perfumes and they always smell amazing. At first, I did think this was a little too floral and powdery for myself, however, after wearing it for a longer period of time, it becomes fruity, light, feminine and makes me feel quite pretty. I definitely think this one is more of a daytime scent, as it’s a little too fresh for a nighttime occasion. With notes of Jasmine, Blackberry, Grapefruit and coconut water it’s bound to make anyone happy this Valentine’s Day.
100ml at £69.50
Last Minute Valentine's Day Scent Guide for Men and Women!

This perfume is absolute heaven, as soon as I saw the black glittery bottle I was hoping that it would be love, and it is. I have already packed this away as I’m off to York this weekend and it’s the perfect perfume for night time or for when you really want to wow. It oozes glam with white floral, black coffee and vanilla as some of the notes. It may just be my new favourite and if you’re buying for someone who likes those more deeper, seductive scents, then this is the perfect one to buy.
50ml at £61.50
Lastly for women who just prefer the fresher and fruitier side of life, Hugo Boss have just brought out a brand new fragrance for women. It’s everything you’d want in a fruity perfume but with deeper and slightly masculine notes of black tea combined with the jasmine and overall orange scent, make this perfume quite extraordinary. The packaging isn’t as wow as the others, but the scent and Hugo Boss speak for themselves. Again this is probably a perfume I’d wear throughout the day, or maybe even a late afternoon date.
30ml for £34.50
Last Minute Valentine's Day Scent Guide for Men and Women!
For as long as I can remember this scent has been in my house, it’s one of my Dad’s favourites and I always know when he’s making an effort as he’ll have it on. I must admit, my Dad and Brother (as the last fragrance is actually his) have amazing taste in scents for men. This Hugo Boss fragrance is particularly deep and masculine with musk and green apples, but it does have a very playful side. Perfect for the men in your life who want to smell good everywhere they go.
40ml for £29.50
I wasn’t actually sent this perfume for the post, but whenever I think of buying men presents, I always think of Joop. Simply as, that’s always what I am told to buy! Joop Go is a very fruity and sweet scent with orange, rhubarb and geranium that can be worn either day or night. It’s quite a full on fragrance but it definitely lasts all day and seems to be quite the popular scent.
100ml for £27
What scents have you bought this year? Or do you have your eye on any?
*All Perfumes were sent for this post apart from Joop as stated.