Lady Volup Lyra – Hearts & Daggers

Is there anything better than a comfortable dress that makes you look amazing? I really don’t think so. Underneath this beautiful Lady Volup Lyra Dress I’m wearing my ‘comfy bra’ (a Panache that is too small in the cups but better for my chronic back pain), and my comfy Chaffree Knickerboxers that stop me from chafing. I’m as comfy as I could ever be, and yet I look so glamorous and dressy! Lady Volup Lyra are designed to fit around your bust and waist, and flare out at the skirt.

Lady Volup Lyra - Hearts & DaggersLady Volup Lyra - Hearts & DaggersLady Volup Lyra - Hearts & Daggers
I’ve travelled in these via airplanes, wore them around the house, on photo shoots, trains, cars, and I always choose them when I want to look and feel great, but be comfortable. They’re also great dresses as you don’t need to adjust anything at all. There’s no fuss with these dresses, they wash easily, dry quickly, and they don’t really need ironing.

Obviously the best thing about the Lady Volup Lyras is that they are constantly bringing out new and exciting prints. This is probably my favourite so far, it’s called Hearts & Daggers. There’s a print to suit everyone, and seasonal themed prints too! There’s not just Lyra dresses either, although that’s all I seem to wear from Lady Volup. There’s around 11 different styles, fitted, flared, skirts, and different types of necklines.

Lady Volup Lyra - Hearts & Daggers Lady Volup Lyra - Hearts & Daggers
I must sound so vain but I’m genuinely so happy with how these photos came out and how gorgeous this dress is. I’ve even declared that these are my new favourite photos of me. Lady Volup Lyras always make me feel amazing and I always get so many compliments on them. They sell out fast but do try a size up or down if your actual size it out of stock as it could work.

Lady Volup Lyras cost around £45, which does seem steep at first but from someone who has worn them A LOT and owns several, it’s so worth it. I do work with the company via my blog, but I’ve also bought a couple of styles myself too.

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  • I dream of owning a Lyra dress. The cut is so beautiful, and so flattering – you look absolutely wonderful in these photos and deserve to be chuffed with them!

    Lis / last year’s girl x