La Tasca’s Christmas Menu.

Recently I was invited to La Tasca on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield to try out their new Christmas menu. I was invited to bring a guest but seen as my parents are far too needy, they both came.

I absolutely love this La Tasca as it is situated on a busy road, yet when you enter you completely forget all the noise outside and just relax.
The first part of the evening was spent drinking mulled sangria, it had various cooked fruits in the bottom of the class with a strong cinnamon taste. I really enjoyed it but it’s definitely just a one glass only drink to warm up.
We were then seated in the corner, which I much prefer, where beautiful candles in wine bottles surrounded us.

la tasca
 (my mum)
Out came the starter on a massive platter and we dived in. There was something for everyone, cheesy bread, olives, cheese and ham. The only thing that was missing is the tasty oils that you would normally dip your bread in. The menu definitely needs them.
la tasca food platter


The main course arrived on several tapas plates. It looked absolutely mouth watering. Prawns are my absolute favourite, but if they’re king sized then they’re even better! The plates all had their individual tastes, they were beautifully prepared and just the right temperature. My mum did comment on the paella being cold in places, which she doesn’t like but always eats anyway, I agree it was, but it was far too nice to put me off. The fish as always was perfectly cooked and melted in your mouth. We were very impressed!

la tasca christmas menu


Finally desert came out, on our last visit to La Tasca, which was also a blog post, we ordered this desert, but for the Christmas menu it seemed they’ve added more, no complaints here! As always the churros were delicious, I just wish they gave you more chocolate sauce! Plenty of marshmallows and strawberries to go around though.

la tasca churros
At the end we were all thanked for coming and handed the Christmas menu book in form, I’m hoping we go again as it was an absolutely lovely experience.