La Tasca Experience

Have you ever gone for a celebratory meal and wished you stayed home instead? Well my family and I felt like that after going to La Tasca for my mum’s 50th. Never before have we complained about the place and seen as the occasion was a pretty big deal, we decided to take my mum to her favourite place. Unfortunately on this one time, nothing was up to normal standards, the service, the food, the atmosphere was all really off and ended up ruining the night.

Now if you haven’t been to La Tasca before it’s quite simply the best place for authentic Spanish food with a Spanish restaurant’s atmosphere to match. It’s a place where you would gladly go and waste a couple hours drinking Sangria and eating too many plates of tapas. Spanish or soothing music is played and it’s a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere. But on the occasion that we went, this was definitely not what we got. Everything felt really rushed and impolite. We basically threw £70 away on a meal. Now being the kind and friendly people that my parent’s are, they definitely were not going to say anything or complain, or let me. So I took it upon myself to write to the restaurant and I wrote to the particular store itself. Ever since working at Lush I’ve been very particular on good customer service, it’s not difficult to do, it makes your job more enjoyable, so why do people still feel the need to neglect their customers?

The response I got was not expected at all, at most I wanted an apology and for their staff to learn some manners. But in this case the Manager wanted to ring me himself and discuss what happened, after hearing everything out, he ask if we’ve ever been to the other Sheffield brand and was shocked when I said no. Well that was it, the next words were that he’s paying for our taxi there and we’re having a complete free meal, drinks included and he wanted to change our minds back and give my mum a good birthday meal.

He certainly accomplished that. We hopped in a taxi to the La Tasca on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield. It already has gorgeous decor but with being right on a street, it was a lot more fresh and open. It had a lovely vibe to the place. The staff there were informed of our experience and really made us feel comfortable about it. The Manager came over to introduce herself and talk to us about what happened, which was a lovely personal touch that we really appreciated.

La Tasca

I voluntarily drank my first pint of cider, well it was Magner’s berry so a very girly cider. Being a Woowoo girl this was a big deal but my parent’s always complain how expensive my cocktails are. Bores. The food came out and already our mouths were watering. It was, well basically, it was perfect. Everything seemed such a high quality in comparison, the temperatures, the flavours, even the portions seemed like they were in the past visits. The atmosphere was gorgeous as the lovely waitress Emily made sure we were enjoying everything and that it was all alright. I just had to nod on both occasions as I was too busy eating the most of my favourite dishes before my parent’s could. Overall we’re absolutely converted, that’s our new favourite place to eat. Such wonderful staff and a great atmosphere that my mum’s 50th birthday was completed to a very high standard!

magners beer

Obviously with it being a free meal I can imagine that people would go really over the top, but my family and I just did what we would have done if we had enjoyed in on the night. Overall we stayed for around 2 hours, which is how tapas should be enjoyed, there’s nothing worse than being rushed out of a restaurant, along with several drinks. I did want for my mum’s desert to have a 50th candle on it but as the first visit resorted in everyone running out, we didn’t get chance for a desert so I used it at home instead. However, that doesn’t mean that desert was any less spectacular as my dad ordered a cheese platter and I ordered Churros (Spanish donuts with marshmallows, strawberries and hot chocolate dipping sauce), this meant my mum had the best of both worlds.

la tasca churros

I guess where I’m going with this post is that people shouldn’t be afraid to complain, without feedback places would never change and there would be countless unsatisfied customers roaming around. Yes, restaurants do have an occasional bad day which can be excused depending on the circumstances, but for us, the place was empty and it was a weekday evening. Thankfully we only had a couple days of not liking La Tasca as it really is our favourite place to eat and no doubt we’ll be going back again soon! Absolutely outstanding customer service that has really impressed us all. I always have (apart from a few days) and still would recommend La Tasca to anyone and everyone.


Have you guys ever had amazing customer service? Let me know in the comments!

  • That is so good that they cared for your complaint like that! I wonder if the staff at the other branch were told off for how they were with you. It is good that you complained in the first place! I am glad you all had a good time 🙂 xxx

    • I imagine so! Thank you, it was truly the perfect meal 🙂 xx

  • Wow what a selection – love tapas and now you've really put me in the mood for it :o). I completely agree with you – it's better to tell the business you weren't happy so they get a chance to fix it, rather than be angry and stew in silence – and you don't have to be nasty or unpleasant about it. Xx

    • Oh it was so yummy! No exactly my point, I was polite and just let them know of our experience! xx

  • My mum is the biggest complainer in the world, she's always getting stuff for free! Think I'd be more of a letter writing girl though haha


    • Wow! As long as there's something genuinely wrong with it, I don't see a problem!

  • I've only ever been to the La Tasca on Ecclesall Rd when I used to live there, and it was lovely – the staff were so nice!
    I'm glad your mum got her lovely birthday meal in the end 🙂

    Jess xo

  • that looks so yummy I love La Tasca! there is a tapas restaurant not that far away from me and it's not quite as good. Great blog!! xx

    • Have a look around I'm sure you'll find a great one 🙂 xx

  • The food looks amazing, I'm happy they were able to give your mother the birthday dinner she deserved!