Ko:Kou Ionic Vegas Hair Straighteners

After replying to a tweet I was given the amazing opportunity to test out some Ko:Kou Ionic Vegas Hair Straighteners. I have only ever used GHDs since first straightening my hair when I was around 11 and I rarely have a day now where I don’t use them. They lasted absolutely years, to this date I’ve only ever had 2 or 3 pairs. Ever since I had completely adored using them, they were quick and easy, and with their automatic standby setting, safe to use. Now I rarely straighten my hair, normally I quickly curl it all so for me the most important part of a good straightener, is a good curl. For my fringe I like to curl it over and under so it is also important for the straighteners to be smooth enough not to leave a line in my fringe.
Ko:Kou hair straighteners

Curling your hair with straighteners is incredibly difficult whilst learning and then one day, it suddenly becomes really easy to do, it took me years to learn and now I could do it in my sleep! The Ko:Kou straighteners have a really smooth design meaning the curls are easy created. I’m extremely happy with how they turned out, they were incredibly tight and bouncy. The Ko:Kou Ionic Vegas straighteners reach a temperature of 220 meaning that straightening my hair was effortless. For only £24.99 they are an absolute steal! The only negative side to these is that there is no automatic standby setting, so I did burn my bedding accidentally. Obviously that’s my own fault as you’re never meant to leave them unattended but it is a nice feature to have or at least for them to come with a heat mat.

Ko:kou hair straighteners

They’re a lovely modern design in black as well, with a fixed temperature and just an on and off button. Overall, I’m really happy with them, I do find it much easier to straighten my hair with them rather than curl though, but that’s probably because there’s less movement involved.