Karina Dresses – Summer Bright!

How beautiful is this Karina dress!? After seeing it floating around on the social media pages I knew I had to pick this one next to feature and I’m SO glad that I did. Against my hair and pale skin it just looks incredibly vibrant and out there. Let’s face it, I’m not one to blend in and this really makes me stand out.

You’ll have to forgive the pink legs, freshly dyed hair means a bright pink body until I have the energy or a helping hand to scrub it off and this time I didn’t. Don’t worry, I don’t stay pink for long, I’m not Barney.

Anyway, I believe this is a Trudy as it looks to be the same style but unfortunately everyone else took a liking to this print as well, as it’s sold out. You can find more of this Karina Trudy, which retails at $108. Don’t be worried about the price though, if you’ve read any of my other reviews of Karina you’ll know that these dresses are the easiest and simplest. They actually dry crease free and they dry quickly too. Effortless. I’ve notice none of my dresses wearing out at all which is such a relief. They’re made of a stretchy, lightweight material but unfortunately they only go up to a XXL which is a 20/22. I’m more of a 22 now I do find some styles to be a little too tight but still wearable.

Karina Dresses Karina Dresses



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  • I’m in love with the one I won through you! It’s so comfortable and flattering!

  • I love the criss cross wrap style detailing on the bust, it’s one of my favourite styles. So pretty!

  • Okay, this is gorgeous even by your notoriously high standards. The dress, yes; but I’m loving your hair straightened too! x