A life update and Karina Dress!

Karina Dress

I’ve been told many times and I tell others that ‘if you need a break, just take one, it’s your blog and it’ll be here when you get back’, as well as that’s there’s no need to apologise to your readers and I am a great believer in that. I don’t like the idea of overdoing anything to the point where it doesn’t make you happy anymore, so I will apologise because that’s really not the case here. It seems that September is a CRAZY month for events and I’ve been travelling a couple times a week, which with chronic pain, is not the best idea. I can only apologise constantly and promise to do better. There’s an enormous amount of fun posts planned that will go out at some point and then there’s Halloween, which is always a lot of fun.


Karina Dresses, Megan
What better way than to kick back off with a fashion post? I know I haven’t really promoted the fact that I am up for 3 awards in the Plus Size Awards this year, but it’s simply because I don’t plan on going as it involves more travelling and money I don’t want to spend, so I thought I’d be quiet and hope not to win basically! You’ll shortly see where I’ve been as there’s quite a few event posts to go out, but I definitely thought fashion came first and I do have a new love for Karina Dresses.

This dress is the Penelope 3/4 sleeves in a XXL, I’m afraid that Karina don’t really cater for any bigger than a small 22, but in a way, I don’t really work with many brands that do cater for a smaller audience, so content wise I really can’t complain. Karina is a little pricey, and this dress is $108.00 but after you have a dress on, you’ll realise why. It’s the super stretchy material that washes and dries really well, without ironing too!
Karina Dresses, Megan
They’re super easy dresses to wear and beyond comfortable too. I love that they already have a hint of a waistband so that I don’t have to belt them and I really do love 3/4 sleeves. The only downside to this dress is that the plunge is rather low, it’ll definitely need a stitch or two before I can wear it out without adjusting the bust a lot. This is definitely going to be one of those perfect dresses for the Autumn time, chunky boots, leggings and coats, it’ll suit them all!
I did review another Karina dress last month, go check out the Karina Trudy!Have you tried Karina Dresses before?
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  • Omg I love this dress! Perfect length sleeves for work, but the plunge could be an issue as you said. I’m off to check out Katrina dresses 🙂

  • That dress is stunning and BOOM CHICKA WOW WOW. Shame about the limited size range, but it’s very pretty nevertheless. xx

  • Sophisticated Curves

    Very beautiful! Love that dress!

  • 3-4 sleeves are always a winner for me, love the look <3

    Mel ♥ http://everyword.meljwills.com

  • HA! And here was me about to comment and say this one makes your décolletage look amazing, my dear 😉 x

  • Lucy Johns

    Oooh I do love a 3/4 sleeve. This dress is lovely and the colour suits you to a T!

    Lucy x


  • Gorgeous dress! I’m such a sucker for anything with a polka dot!