Just Curvy Floral Bodycon Dress

These vest styled bodycon dresses seem to be absolutely everywhere lately and I only noticed after I received this gorgeous Multi Colour Floral Strappy Contrast Pencil Midi Bodycon Dress* from Just Curvy, (long title, I know). Who are another Plus Size clothing brand that I have only just recently come across. Just Curvy is an online shopping store who cater from sizes 12-26, they have all different styles to suit just about everyone and even offer accessories too. They specialise in affordable but good quality clothes that everyone can afford and look on trend for less.
I’m suddenly feeling ridiculously on trend for once even though it was rather accidental. Just Curvy have recently added more lines to their collection and as soon as I spotted this dress, I knew I had to have it! Bodycon isn’t normally something that I would reach for and immediately want to wear, but I want to try and get out of my comfort zone a little more, and this dress definitely did that. I asked for the dress in a 22 which did feel a little tight but that’s probably due to the style of dress. I did noticed a little extra material up top as I’m more of a 20. So I would recommend to size up on anything that you think may be too tight, despite the top being a little bigger I can easily disguise it. On my 5’3 figure it comes to just below my knee when ruffled up a little so it would definitely come to knee length on anyone a little taller.
Multi Colour Floral Strappy Contrast Pencil Midi Bodycon Dress, just curvy, plus size fashion, georgina grogan, she might be loved

I soon added my own personal touch with my beloved Yours Clothing Lace Cardigan in a 20 and Belt which is an XL, (remember you can get £10 off £20 spends at Yours Clothing with code: BLOGGER3) Evans Leggings in a 22 and Dorothy Perkins boots.

This Just Curvy dress is only £22 and also comes in a number of different colours such as nude, neon florals and a different floral print, which means you can really cater it to suit your own style or the season. Seen as it’s Summer, florals were a must for me and I loved how girly this design looks. I felt incredibly secure and pulled in with this dress, although it’s not the best dress for a hot day as they material did make me feel far too hot. Rather a cold evening where a little extra padding is welcomed. I wasn’t wearing any shapewear with this dress and I was having a horrible bloated day which mean it didn’t look the best it could have, but I’m still rather happy with the pictures.

What do you all think to this new strappy bodycon trend? Is it something you’re going to try?