Jurlique Skincare and Why I love it SO much!

I am a massive Jurlique fan, and I mean massive. I’ve got pieces of their skincare all over my house and I used to have some at Alfie’s before he moved in with me and brought it all back, oh happy days. Where do I even start about what I love about them? The packaging, it’s clean, simple, sophisticated and has that really luxurious look to it. Is it odd to also say that when I look at the packaging I think natural and soothing products? It’s nothing that I would look at and think twice in case it irritated my skin, of course, everyone reacts to things differently, but there’s a different between bright and in-your-face packaging, and then this.
*I should probably point out here that after writing this post I found out that Jurlique do in fact sell to China, where animal testing isn’t banned. Make of that what you will, but it rather disappointed me. I still love the products, just not the ethics*


Jurlique Skincare
The bottles and tubs are always of the upmost convenient and they definitely take into consideration what the product is for, rather just stick to one type of packaging. I love that everything is simple to use in pump, or squeezable containers. One product that has really stood out for me lately, and has been fantastic over Halloween is the Purely Age Defying Nourishing Cleansing Oil at £30. After you’ve used it once, the price tag makes complete and absolute sense. It’s such a light weight oil but it removes every trace of makeup and melts away with water rather than clinging like other oils. Not only does it deeply cleanse, but you feel so soft and smooth afterwards.
Jurlique Purely Age Defying Nourishing Cleansing Oil
The Rose Moisture Plus With Antioxidant Complex Moisturising Cream at £29 is definitely my second favourite, I’ve used this in the past and always kept a little spare just in case, but now I have a full sized new one, I’ve been treating my skin daily. It’s an absolute dream for most skin types as it’s beyond moisturising, but even on my oily skin, I find it’s the perfect base for makeup to really get that buff-able and smooth finish. There’s nothing worse than using a moisturiser targeted for oily skin which mattifies it before you’ve even started with your foundation for me. It has a beautiful and delicate smell and is by far one of my favourite moisturisers I’ve ever used.
My third favourite, as after this I don’t really have an order of preference, is the Rosewater Balancing Mist at £24. It is heavenly, I love rose and it’s such a soothing ingredient which again means that this is perfect for every skin tone. For me, it really just softens my skin as well as helping calm any redness and leaving me so smooth after cleansing. I’ve had a trial size of this before and I was beyond surprised with how long it lasts and how little goes such a long way. It’s by far one of the most expensive toners/mists I’ve ever used, but definitely the best.
When I asked to try out the Daily Exfoliating Cream at £35, for some reason I was expecting a harsh cleanser, but that’s really not the Jurlique way. I know I go on about my exfoliators and that I love them to be really harsh, but sometimes (probably most of the time) you need to be gentle with your skin and just give it all the TLC. Jurlique know this best and this exfoliator isn’t really exfoliating at all, instead it just packs your face full of moisturising goodness that smells absolutely incredible. It does deeply cleanse too, but it’s more of an exfoliator that you can use each and every day, hence the name!
Jurlique Skincare
Eye creams aren’t something I usually head towards, simply as I’m not even 21 yet (next month though!) and I don’t really feel the need for them. However, after long days on the computer or from frowning all day at my ridiculous chronic pain, I have loved using the Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum at £34. It has a really cooling effect when you first apply it, and it doesn’t leave residue at all like some eye serums, instead it just sinks into the skin beautifully and leave you feeling really refreshed and soothed. It even has ingredients inside which lighten up the area making it look more radiant and reducing the signs of fatigue.



Finally, the Herbal Recovery Night Cream at £37. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, this is always the cream that you want to go to bed in. It’s so nourishing and moisturising but thankfully it sinks in rather fast, especially when you need it most. Described as a ‘high performance cream’ which you’d certainly expect for the price, it is rich in antioxidant ingredients which help the skin’s elasticity. I wake up in the mornings feeling fabulous after sleeping with this on, and as long as I remember (as I am human) I do tend to have a lot less breakouts from using my Jurlique skincare, and definitely a lot less blackheads too. Good skincare is easy to find, but the perfect skincare for you takes a while. I am definitely going to be a fan or Jurlique for a long time to come, I just need to start raving about it a lot more!



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