July Favourites

This month She Might Be Loved has been a little crazy. From more plus size fashion reviews than ever to a full redesign I feel as though I haven’t stopped. But with another month about to pass, the time comes for another favourites post. This month I thought I would share with you my favourite Envyderm products of the month! Being their Brand Ambassador means that I use an awful lot, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see just how much, so I thought I would tell you a little about my favourites this month. Throughout July I have been testing out the Envyderm Eyelash Enhancing serum and I’ve had some seriously impressive results. My little non-existent eyebrows have grown (with no shape in mind I must add) and now they’re continuing to grow faster than ever! I’ve tried three different eyelash serums now but this one is definitely the one where I’ve had the best results, there’s no question at all. I also wrote a full length review including before and after pictures which have had an amazing response, you can check that out here. All of the Envyderm eye products have made it into my favourites this month as I wear them every single day without fail and I can’t leave home without them. Below I am wearing Envyderm Eyeliner, Mascara (with lashes on) and Rose Bleu, with Coco on naked lips next to it.




The Envyderm Mascara is beyond impressive and can really enhance lashes as well as look after them for the future as well as it contains lots of moisturising and protective ingredients. Including Moroccan Argon oil which is also in Envyderm’s Eyeliner and is another firm favourite of mine. I think I’ve told pretty much every single person I know about this eyeliner and how amazing it is. The applicator, formula, longevity of the product is just fantastic. I also made a post of 16 different ways to wear this eyeliner, wearable and some more graphic liner looks too.  It’s been hard to stick to one colour of Envyderm’s lip plumping lipgloss this month but I have been loving Coco which is a clear on top of everything, as well as Rose Bleu, a dark purple. I wear this one on top of MAC Diva a lot like seen above. The Lip Plumping lipgloss helps to naturally enhance the lips without the need of surgery or anything painful. It works in a matter of minutes before your eyes and results last for hours. You can even top it up to keep your lips looking their fullest all day long. I was using it at Blog Yorkshire and everyone seemed to love the intense tingly feeling from the mint and the refreshing smell. It’s definitely a product to try out if you’ve ever been concerned with having smaller or uneven lips. One of my lips is naturally higher than the other which is quite noticeable as I don’t like over drawing the other to match. Envyderm’s Lip plumping lipgloss really helps to disguise the difference by just allowing me to have beautifully luscious lips.




Keep an eye out from monthly giveaways of Envyderm across their social media and be sure to check out my past reviews of their beautiful products. Have you tried Envyderm yet? If not, what are you waiting for?