Joico K-PAK Colour Therapy Styling Oil

A regular customer of mine is a hairdresser, which means she has been taught the dos and don’ts of the beauty world different to me, so we often clash opinions on what’s best for the hair product and ingredient wise. I’ve been trying to get her to try Lush’s hair products and sadly failing, however, she brought me in a little sample bottle of Joico K-PAK Colour Therapy Styling Oil, and I am pleasantly surprised as well as converted. I never thought that my hair needed an oil before, even with it being drier. Mainly because they’ve only just started to become really popular and more and more companies are making their own versions.
joico hair oil
The thing I love most about Lush is that I can recognise 99% of the ingredients on the list, and a lot of them I can even eat. So when I saw this list of ‘jibber jabber’ I was a little saddened and worried about what  I was putting on my hair. I did go onto the website though where they translated this into being made from Argan oil and African Manketti Oil, both ingredients are meant to strengthen and protect the hair as well as making it smoother. I have definitely noticed a difference, my curls are lasting longer and my hair looks a lot healthier, so there must be something good inside of it!
joico hair oil
There’s also vitamin E inside which protects the colour of your hair, I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in that as my hair is currently quite dark and not much colour fades, but I definitely have with the smoothness.
This is a picture of what my curls looked like for work yesterday, minus my face because of the sun/iPhone.
Joico K-PAK Colour Therapy
Needless to say I will be investing in a full sized bottle.