Joico Red Color Butters

One of my favourite things to do is to try out new red hair dyes, you never know when you’re going to find a new holy grail dye. It was years ago that I discovered my all time favourite, and since then I’ve tried so many different ones, and mine always wins (you can read about it here), but I do welcome a battle!

Joico is one of those brands that I have such a soft spot for after trying it a couple years ago, and I was so excited to try their new Colour Infused range recently. When I heard about their new Joico Color Butters, I couldn’t wait to try them out. The Joico Color Butter in Red is seriously pigmented, and butter is the exact word to describe this as it’s a mega thick cream that is super hydrating and nourishing for your hair. I used this on freshly bleached roots and the colour was so intense! It was quite easy to apply but I felt like my hair was soaking it up a lot and I really struggled to cover all my hair with two pots, which surprised me as these are 177ml each. These are priced at £14.95 each.

My hair felt amazing when I was washing this off and I was really happy about how it didn’t stain my body was I was washing it off too, this is such a welcome change to red dyes! The Color Butters are meant to last up to 10 washes but I found that using it on lightened hair, made it fade a lot faster because there was no base coat to hold on to. They only last for around 3-4 washes without going super patchy and my bleached roots were coming through. To be honest, I think I would actually try them again on already dyed roots, I think they’ve be fantastic as a refresh during the month as the colour is truly stunning! I always apply colours like this on dry hair rather than wet hair, I feel that you get a better pay off and it’s less messy.

joico color butter red, georgina groganjoico color butter red, georgina grogan

One quick fix I’ve been using this month is the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Colour Protect for some extra shine and moisture love in between of dyeing my hair. I don’t use many treatments anymore as a lot make my colour fade faster, but this one has been beautiful and at just £2.29 it’s a super good price too.


Have you tried red hair before? What products did you love?

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