January Favourites 2014

I have finally decided to give up fighting and post my monthly favourite beauty products! I’ve noticed lately that I am changing my products around a lot and preferring products to others depending on my mood, so this is a perfect way to showcase everything. This month has been a big skincare focus as I’ve realised I’ve worked my way out of a regime, I know, the horror. Now I’m trying different brands and mixing things to see what works best for me, so far so good. My skin has been a lot clearer and it has felt much better.


January Favourites 2014


My number one product(s) for this month is the Clay Facial Masque Kit (£15.25)*, from Base Formula, I am absolutely head over heels for their skincare and I’ve only tried a small selection. The Hydrolat water is one of the most beautiful toners I’ve ever used and the entire website looks amazing. I won’t go on too much as there’s a full blog post, including pictures on how to mix these products into a facemask.

Another skincare favourite this month has been from Xenca, previously featured on my blog for a moisturising lipstick, this time I’ve tried out their Facial Smoother, £19.95*. I’ve recently read about how important it is to make sure you’re using a gentle exfoliator so you’re not stripping your face of the oils it needs. It said how jojoba beads are brilliant to exfoliate with and since then I was on the lookout for a product. When Xenca got in touch again, I jumped at the chance to try their facial smoother, and now it’s a favourite. It’s a white cream that is a medium to rough exfoliator that leaves the skin feeling smooth and perfected. I’ve noticed brilliant results from it already and it will continue to be my favourite scrub.

I’ve really needed lip scrub this month from being ill for weeks on end, it has caused my lips to split and my lipstick to look hideous. I’ve worked my way through half a pot of Mint Julips lip scrub from Lush, £5.50, and it has made a massive difference in recovery speed. They are a lot softer, smoother, and generally feel amazing to say they were in so much pain not long ago. Normally, this is seen as an expensive unneeded product, but it has become a staple piece of mine to have, and often I’ve been told of Makeup Artists using it in their kit.

Make up brushes have become a favourite of mine to buy lately, at Christmas time I pretty much nearly completed my collection of Real Technique brushes, so on Twitter recently when I saw Furless Cosmetic brushes* I just had to get in touch. Soon enough, a little parcel arrived with three brushes that I’ve not been able to put down! A powder brush ($10), contour brush ($10), and an eyeliner brush ($9). They’re absolutely amazing and feel incredibly soft. The powder brush allows me to dust my face with the PERFECT amount of powder, as lately it’s been a struggle not to dry my oily face out too much.

MUA’s Matte Palette, £4, has been a repurchase this month that I didn’t even think about it, from not wearing makeup during my sick week, I didn’t forget, but rather I decided that the way I was drawing on my eyebrows was not how I wanted them to look anymore. I do like block, thin, eyebrows, but I did want to try a slightly more natural look. Therefore, I had absolutely been obsessed with this palette as I use it for everything, eye shadow, eyebrows and even contouring my cheeks! One colour, Fade, reminds me of a powder version of Hallow from Illamasqua and now I’m obsessed with it.

EnvyDerm Eyelash Enhancement and Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner*, $29, has become my staple eyeliner now, I don’t reach or even think about anything else. Seen as Lush’s eyeliner, Independent, still isn’t back in stores, I’ve been left to find a suitable alternative. The lovely guys at Envyderm recently resent me my favourite mascara as I was running out, and included a few extra goodies including this fantastic product. It’s a very long and thin applicator which means you have to have a steady hand, it’s a jet black colour, BUT the best part is when you wipe off excess liquid it goes straight back into the pot, meaning you don’t waste anything! Probably the smartest design I’ve seen on a product in a long time.

My red hair is taking a lot of help to keep it brighter and one colour, any permanent colours I have tried have simply faded and washed out in no time. The only product that has stayed in and made me so happy is Crazy Colour’s Vermilion Red, £4. It’s a gorgeous dark red colour and although I complain every time I have to use it because of how much it stains my bathroom, it’s completely worth it.


As previously mentioned in my My Beauty Compare Post, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Mate is something I now NEED in my life, I’ve just bulk bought 3 from Amazon but right now it is buy 3 for £10 at most places such as Boots and Superdrug. It’s absolutely amazing for coloured hair and adds a lot moisture as well as shine.

After my post on Gerrard International I’ve been dying to try out some gel nail varnishes, Rachel read my mind and bought me the exact colour and brand, Barry M’s Gel Nail Varnish in Plum, it’s a fantastic consistency as one layer is enough and two just makes your nails look perfect.

Finally, another Lush product, Neon Love soap has easily become my bath time must have. Normally, I’m more of a shower gel or a scrub person but this soap is like silk on the skin. The smell isn’t too strong or too light but it’s silky enough to moisturise your skin and even to shave your legs with! I’ve done a full post on Lush’s Valentine’s Day Range which I definitely recommend trying.

Well that’s it, the first of many monthly posts. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and if you’d like to know my February Favourites!