Jacamo Cheans – The Biggest Thing to Happen to Men’s Fashion!

Introducing the biggest game changer into Men’s Fashion the World has ever seen….Jacamo are the first brand to launch this innovative and magical pair of Jeans mixed with Chinos, called…..Cheans! Cheans scream catwalk/high end fashion to me and I’m so excited to see them straight on the high street at an affordable price. I’m calling these an innovation as, isn’t it just about every time that your fella can’t decide what to wear? Now, it’s easier than ever and men want that simplicity.

Jacamo Cheans - The Biggest Thing to Happen to Men's Fashion! Cheans are probably on the same level of amazingness as Unicorns, and I can see these being in everyone’s wardrobe. Just think, one moment your boyfriend is wearing chinos, but the next he’s wearing the jeans! The most amazing transformation ever. That’s why Cheans are the future of men’s fashion! With the soften and casualness of jeans, compared to the slightly smarter look of chinos, you’ll be ready for any occasion that life throws at you.

They’re made of 50% chinos, 50% jeans and are available in sizes: 34R, 36R, 38R, 40R, 42R, 44R, 46R, 48R, 50R, 52R, 54R and they’re only £25!

So, who’s grabbing themselves or their men a pair of Cheans today?
*April Fools!!! Jacamo compensated me for this post with jeans!
  • Oh my god hahaha it’s like the mullet version of jeans. Business in the front, party in the back!

    Danika Maia


  • Isabel O’Brien

    I was reading this completely confused that you could possibly be this excited about ‘cheans’ and then it dawned on me what date you posted this haha!