Itsu’s New Crystal Noodle Cups!

Surprise parcels definitely make my day, but they make it even better when the parcel turns out to contain food. Not only was this special delivery delicious, it was something brand new to the market, crystal noodles. Now, as most people know the famous noodles in a cup aren’t the best ingredient wise, which is why I avoid them (well that and because they taste disgusting too). That means that a quick snack that also turns out to be quite healthy is definitely welcomed into my life. As I imagine it would be for many others. Itsu’s New Crystal Noodle Cups* are delicious noodles that also double up as a soup. Itsu are all about making you ‘eat beautiful’ with lower calories, low fat and delicious tasting food. Therefore even their drinks are low sugar!
Itsu's New Crystal Noodle Cups
Unlike the powdery packets that usually come with other noodles, Itsu’s packets of flavour really are bursting with flavour and take on the appearance of liquid stocks. I was sent the flavours Chicken Jaipur, which was a lot spicier than I was expecting. Vegetable Festival, that shockingly turned out to be my favourite despite loving my chicken. As well as, Chicken Classic which was also a little spicy. None of the Noodle Cups contain actual pieces of food, however, it does say that you can add leftover meat or vegetables if you’d like, which I really liked the idea of, however, they didn’t necessarily need it. I really like the idea that I could eat noodles and have a soup at the same time too.
Each cup is under 200 calories, all natural, and gluten free making them the perfect light snack or even meal. I took these to work and had them during my break, sure it took a little longer to eat than normal as the spoon-fork hybrid was a little tricky to use at first, but it did indeed fill me up. Itsu’s Crystal noodle cups only take 3 minutes to cook, you simply have to fill them 3/4 full with boiling hot water and then stir, a lot.
Itsu's New Crystal Noodle Cups
Not only does Itsu make these delicious noodle cups, but they also do some beautiful looking sushi that I’m very tempted to order myself. As well as soup, salad wraps, pots and more, all low calories and low fat. In fact, I’m tempted to order myself a lot more from Itsu as what I have tasted is absolutely delicious, and the menu on their website looks beyond yummy!

Itsu’s Crystal Noodle cups can be found at most supermarkets and retail for around £2.29 each. I’d definitely recommend these for anyone wanting quick healthy snacks, fun things to eat at work, or noodle addicts that need to try something healthier.