Is a DSLR Worth Investing in as a Blogger? Or is the Olympus E-PL7 Enough?

How scandalous! After a couple month’s with the so raved about Olympus Pen E-PL7, I’m still failing to see what’s so good about it? It’s a camera, it has wifi and it didn’t cost the earth. There’s tonnes of cameras that have those qualities, but why are people raving on about it so much? My personal experience with the E-PL7 has been very underwhelming. I initially wanted to compare this camera to my DSRL but there’s really no competition or many comparisons I can make, they’re completely different and my Canon 70D is beyond superior. However, I did ask if that’s what you all wanted to read and you said yes. So, is a DSLR worth investing in as a Blogger? We all know think that we need the best cameras to better our blogs and whilst I don’t think that’s entirely true, the Olympus is definitely not working as my budget camera and having my Canon 70D has actually improved my photography massively.

I’ve always been the first to hold my hands up and say that quite honestly, my photography is rubbish. It’s never been amazing because the truth is, I enjoy writing, not photography. Sure, I’ve learnt to appreciate good photography and work on mine a lot more than I thought I ever would, but the words in my posts are still the most important part. I don’t have a themed Instagram account or pretty photos across all my social media, I just post raw, what I’m up to/what I’m wearing photos and rarely filter because I think I look good as is, or realise that people know that pink glare on my plate isn’t actually there. Therefore if you’re looking for a super informative and intelligent argument as to why you should spend over £1000 on a camera rather than a couple hundred pound, this is not it. I am simply writing as an amateur and giving you my honest opinion on why I actually think a DSLR is worth investing in, and some of the reasons may make masters of photography angry, but let’s continue anyway…

Olympus Pen E-PL7, Canon 70d

So, why is the E-PL7 not working for me as a blogger? Well, the main problem is that it’s actually not incredible unless you’re in a really well-lit area. I’m talking the BEST of natural light and/or light boxes at every angle. After taking photos in natural light on my living room floor with the Olympus pen, which normally come out incredible (in my opinion) on my Canon, I switched cameras and put my Olympus to one side. At events, especially low lit ones, the Olympus has seriously let me and others down. I recently tried to take outfit photos for a friend in a bar and it left her incredible disappointed. As a blogger I’m forever invited to events in whatever lighting because nobody thinks of that as long as the event is good, and rightly so. It’s just rather frustrating that you can’t capture moments at an event without having to trial out settings/ask someone to shine their torch on their phone for extra light, or give up and just use your iPhone.

Now, I’m not one who has all the knowledge to go into all the settings and change them around, however, I do have basic knowledge and understanding on the thingymajigs and if I twist things and try again, the photo quality changes. I’m fibbing, I can change exposure/settings with ease, however, for people who cannot, the auto-settings on DSRLs not only save time, effort, but they’ve also been 99.9% of the time, the best possible settings for what I need it for. Obviously when shooting outfits, things need to be changed but for products it takes beautiful photos on automatic and allows me to be able to have a point and shoot camera that gives me incredible results. The Olympus is not that easy, and it’s probably why it has so many built in settings. I found my photos felt really dull on automatic and when changing things around a little, I was just unimpressed. It was very difficult to take photos of people making the slightest of movements too. I’ve seen people take incredible photos with the Olympus, but with how busy I am at the moment, I need a point and shoot where I don’t have to edit the photos and with my Canon, I’ve never had to edit one. It saves SO much time.

On the move
A lot of DSLRs will have wifi, fantastic for snapping photos on the go and wanting to Instagram them immediately, but so do digital cameras for half the price. This feature was SO important to me when purchasing both cameras because when I am at events or on the go, waiting until you get home and import the photos to then have to email them back to yourself is time consuming, and often no one cares about the event anymore because they’ve seen it from all the other bloggers there. The Olympus is far better to vlog on for ease of holding it and storing it away with how small it is, however the Canon takes much better videos in general, so if you have a strong arm, it’s definitely worth using. The quality on the Olympus pen is actually 16mp whereas on the Canon 70D is 20.2mp, bigger is better in this case. I have vlogged with the Olympus before and I was happy with the quality in good lighting and ease of travel, but if Alfie was with me to help with the weight (as I still can’t carry my own bag from pain) I’d definitely take the Canon out every time.

I don’t think the Olympus is the worst camera, or not as fantastic as others say, I just think that you either need to REALLY know your way around cameras, have all the free time in the world to sit and play with settings, or only use it with the best of lighting. It’s a good camera, and I’m obviously going to continue to use it when I go to events on my own, but for my blog photography, outfit photos and anything else I get up to, it’s the Canon 70D all the way. This may seem like silly reasons to not like a camera, but here are some examples below of the Canon vs Olympus and then the Olympus at events.

Olympus Pen E-PL7

Olympus Pen E-PL7

Canon 70D

Canon 70D

Olympus Pen E-PL7

Olympus Pen E-PL7

Canon 70D

Canon 70D

Canon 70D

Canon 70D – I was challenged to make a lemon look fancy by my friend, I won.

I realise these might not be the best of example, but all the photos on my blog are taken by my Canon. I’m not saying I don’t recommend the Olympus at all, I’m actually quite happy to have both so I can vlog on my own whilst on the go, but if I could go back? I’d shop around for a cheaper camera to use at events rather than getting the Olympus and I’m certainly not going to use it over my Canon for product photos.

Both cameras were purchased by me, or Alfie for me. Completely not sponsored at all.

  • Thanks for your honest opinion and comparison between both cameras! I am thinking of upgrading my camera and was considering the Olympus one as everyone seems to love it, now I’m going to do more research on it. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • I’ve never personally gotten the hype with this Olympus camera; it seems unnecessarily bulky and the photo quality often isn’t up to much. If you *are* looking for a portable camera to take to events, I’d highly recommend the Canon G7X! I take it everywhere with me, upload all of my photos to Instagram with it and it’s nearly as good quality as my SLR – not quite as good, but pretty damn fantastic considering it’s less than half the size! All of the photos I’ve taken on my blog over the last few months have been taken with it. I’m looking to get a 70D in the future as I think they’re brilliant – this further proves it! Fab post, GG xx

    Ellie Kate

    • Thanks for the Canon G7X recommendation, i’ve been struggling about what to buy. I use a Canon EOS t3i to take all of my blog photos but I needed something to use outside the home (going to functions) etc. that’s smaller and more portable. Someone recommended the Sony a5100 but I was hesitant because Sony is more known for Video cameras and Canon & Nikon are more for photography. So thanks and I will check Costco online & see if they carry it.

  • laura

    I have to disagree with you (not saying its a straight up replacement for the DSLR though) – the Olympus has changed up my photography. I find it really easy to use. I read Style Nylons posts about the camera and it has changed the way I use it. Have you read her posts?

    For dimly lit areas there is a setting which casts more blue over the shot which takes the yellowness out of it. The size of ti is great too, no lugging a bulky camera to work with me for an event in the evening 🙂

  • There are better compact cameras out there than the Olympus. I think a lot of people like the look of that camera but I think it’s really expensive for what it is. I just got a Sony compact for under £150 and it has all the same features as the Olympus and a larger megapixel. If you’re going to pay £400-ish for an Olympus, you may as well pay a little bit more for a better DSLR, no?

  • This was really handy, I need a more on the go camera. but being good in low light is an esential

  • A really helpful post, thank you for sharing your thoughts! I purchased the Nikon D5300 last year & love it, however I’ve recently struggled to take it out because of the weight causing pain. I’ve been wondering whether I should have got a CSC instead of a DSLR. I now feel a lot better about my decision! I’m definitely going to be looking into a CSC in the future (or maybe asking for one for my 30th!) but had already decided the Olympus isn’t the one for me. I still find it quite heavy & it doesn’t feel comfortable in my hands. I quite like the look & feel of the Sony Alpha series, so will be researching these in more detail. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  • This was interesting to read. I am considering the Pen for how compact it is, but I have never had an SLR so I guess I’m not comparing it to that as I’ve only ever used a bridge camera for my blog photos. Still, more options to think about! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  • It’s so refreshing to see a post on the Olympus Pen that isn’t all about how pretty it looks or how great having WiFi is!

    I’m a DSLR type of girl through and through. I think a lot of people prefer the Olympus Pen over DSLRs because you don’t really need any camera knowledge – it’s a glorified point-and-shoot camera. It’s good to see the quality of photos each camera produced side by side.

  • Cathy

    Such a helpful article – thank you! I was ummming and ahhing over the Olympus but this has helped me decide to look for something better suited to my blog. 🙂

  • HissedOff

    For DSLR quality images and versatility try the Sony a6000. Great images and a compact body

  • Wow, your Canon wins by a landslide. By comparison, the images from the Olympus just look dull. There is a massive difference in the vibrancy of the photos as well. I was looking at the Olympus Pen because it was getting so much hype, but may have to rethink that. It’s really hard to beat the flexibility a DSLR affords you.

  • Mel

    I originally asked for the Olympus Pen for Christmas but as my dad knows a little bit about cameras, he purchased the Nikon D3300 for me. I’m so happy he did as I feel like the Olympus Pen is just an overhyped, overpriced camera. Photography is definitely not my strong point but I feel like it’s improving faster than it ever could with the Olympus.