In Situ Cosmetics – Make Your Own Skincare!

More and more companies seem to be giving you the control on what you want your products to be like. Already this week I’ve featured making your own necklace from Mink and Stone, and now, making your own skincare! In Situ Cosmetics can make over 300,000 combinations of personalised skincare which don’t contain parabens, sulphates, colours or SLSs.

In Situ Cosmetics - Make Your Own Skincare!

Step 1 is choosing a texture between Butter, gel, lotion or cream. Next is to pick the target of your skincare and what you want it to prioritise on. Step 3 is to select a mood booster for your mind as well as skin, before it is created by chemists and delivered to your door. I decided to pick a gel based exfoliator, the a ‘passion potion’ mood boost, and for scarring as a skin concern. At the end you can also choose when you’d like to use the product, so I picked night thinking it would be a little more moisturising. The exfoliator came to £30 as depending on what you pick, the price does go up and down a little.

In Situ Cosmetics - Make Your Own Skincare!

The exfoliator arrived beautifully presented in a white box with a glitter logo, facial sponge and my name on the bottle, it also explains exactly what I chose and the ingredients inside. Apparently it is 98% natural too, which is rather accurate. I would barely call this an exfoliator as there isn’t much exfoliation in it at all, it’s probably the lightest one I’ve ever used. The gel formulation is a little drying but for my oily skin, it’s pretty idea. It does indeed clean the face and make it feel soft and look clean, but it does feel a little tight.

At £30 it does seem a little pricey for what it is, a mediocre exfoliator. It hasn’t been my favourite product to use and I don’t find that it’s made an amazing difference. Maybe I choose the wrong ingredients, but it doesn’t really guide you too much so I just hoped for the best. In Situ Cosmetics are definitely a lovely idea for gift buying but from trying this exfoliator myself, I wouldn’t swap over to them for everything just yet.

*Pr Sample but as you can read, I’m perfectly honest.
  • lisa prince

    oh i would have to go pick lotion for me but this looks fantastic , love the glitter logo , love that it contains no parabens or sulphates

  • Lovely packaging and a nice idea. I think this is when online tutorials, hints and tips come in handy!

  • I’ve recently tried this company too and love it. I love how they put your name on the bottle, even if I didn’t initially spot it…whoops!


  • this sounds like a wonderful idea really but if youre not trained in skin care and you dont know much about the products you select then I dont think it is good at all. The idea is nice but i wouldnt use it x