The Importance of Day Lamps with Needlite

Needlite, a Darnish-start up, launched late in 2015. They target the countries where there is a real lack of sunshine, so naturally the UK is on that list. You’ve probably all heard of day lamps now and how important they are, and how damaging SAD can be to your overall health, which is why investing in day lamp is one of the best investments you can do for yourself.


I’m so utterly impressed with Needlite, it has helped boost my mood, my productivity, and I even use the lights to do my makeup during the duller and darker days. Needlite does a number of things, its unique design sheds the light onto you, the user, and onto your workspace. It means that there isn’t just a beam of light in one direction, instead it quite literally lights up a room. I always find that on duller days I do less work and I feel less motivated, now with a touch of my hand, as they are touch sensitive, I have light!

As we all know, daylight makes us quite literally healthier and happier people overall, but some of don’t go outside much. For example with my chronic pain, the outside world is one that I see once or twice a week and I’m happy with that, especially now I have these lights to brighten my days. On days where I’m not feeling bright myself, I can turn the lights down with either a touch, or via the app of my phone. I can turn them on before I walk into the office, and I can turn them off via my phone if I forget at night.

Obviously aesthetics come into something like this, and I happen to think these really add an extra layer of ‘fanciness’ to my office People ask what they are, they want to see them, they look great around my Mac and the cool white and grey tones would suit many colour schemes. Needlite gives you the option to try these out depending on which country you live in too.

I can honestly say that after trying these out, I wouldn’t be without a daylight again! These are currently selling in the UK on Well Working for £359.00 reduced from £399. I don’t say this about many expensive things, but Needlite is definitely worth the price.



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  • …..nearly £400 yeah i dont think so haha i dont think you would have spent £400 on a light if it wasnt sent to you 😛
    its a smart idea though just a little overpriced for a light

    • I’ve just quite clearly said that I would pay for them because of how good they’ve been to my chronic pain, and to my productivity?

  • Lynn Hill

    Worth the price if you ask me. Especially when every year I get so de-motivated because of the long dark depressing nights. In summer, I can often be found at the crack of dawn on the bench in my garden drinking my first cup of tea, making the most of the early daylight hours to help get me going. In winter, with the cold dark miserable days, I barely sit on my bench at all. With cabin fever in full swing and the clocks going forward in March. I’m usually chomping at the bit for the sun to appear.

  • Looks great, as a chronic pain sufferer I’ve been interested in these lights for a while.

  • I have daylight bulbs in my lamps as I suffer from SAD, and they really do help! These look fab xx

  • This Needlite lamp sounds amazing! I suffer from SAD during the colder months, and I also struggle with my mental health more when it’s a gloomy day so I’d love one of these 🙂 x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey