I’m Bored

I’m bored of seeing people’s one sided views splashed across my feed.

I’m bored of people making others feel like shit about their body image.
I’m bored of people finding PHDs in cereal boxes.
I’m bored of being told I shouldn’t like myself because I’m obese.
I’m bored of having the same argument.
But alas, here we are again because yet again someone else has decided that they now have the right to tell people how they should look. I’m a size 20/22, 20 years old, 5’3 and around 18 stone, if you look on a BMI chart, I am seriously obese. Should I be told this every single day? No. Should anyone? No.
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It’s literally as simple as that. I’m a seriously obese, plus size person that loves herself and how I look. I put up with years on end of just about everyone under the sun having an opinion on my weight and how fat I was as a child, up until my teens. Some days, I hated myself, wanted to lose weight, I wanted to look like everyone else. Some days and not very often. Most days, I still loved myself, I loved how I looked, how I dressed, everything about myself. Now? I love myself even more. Why? Because why should I not? This is my body. I treat it well, I eat healthy, I work out, I don’t have any medical conditions at all, and even if I did, I’d still love myself.
To see other plus size women, sometimes older than me, still battling with these idiotic and narrow minded views, making them feel self conscious about their body image, sickens me. It’s something that any respecting adult should realise that health, unless you are in fact a Doctor, is not something for you to comment on or tell people how they should be. Mental Health, being self conscious, being depressed and having a negative body image, are actually damaging effects that can happen due to people like this. What’s more unhealthy, being depressed and hating yourself, or being a couple stones over what your BMI says you should be?
Being happy is healthy. I can only think that these people who believe everyone should look the same, are not happy with themselves and I actually feel a little bit sorry for them. If you were to go around some plus size blogs, you’d see mostly body positive people, who then receive even more body positive comments. Why? Because why does anyone else have the right to tell you how you should look.
Be happy in yourself, love your body, and ignore those who have far too much to say for themselves.

*Just a little side note, this has now made it on Reddit and I’ve now experienced my first very brutal lot of hate! I laughed. The photo chosen was used to simply show my size truly, rather than when I am posing. I’m wearing a good bra – Debenhams Freya if you’d like to know and the angle is because this photo was taken to show the leggings, for a review, you know on a review blog.

It’s sad to see that most of the comments came from self concious women who are so hung up on their own body issues, that they chose to criticise my body. Not really shockingly at all, I still like myself, but the question is, do you like yourself?

  • Great post Georgina! 🙂 Whatever shape or size you are you have to love yourself. That’s most important not caring what other people think of you!


  • ‘Fat shaming’ as it is horrifically called is horrifically common. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to put up with that daily.

    average adventures

  • Zoe

    Well said!


  • Lovely post. I always think to myself “if you find it hard wrapping your head around why this person likes x, y and z about themselves, that is YOUR problem, not theirs”. No need at all to bring others down for something that literally doesn’t concern you. You should never have to justify yourself, but great words all the while. It’s so nice to see ANYONE (any size) happy with who they are, as it’s all too rare these days xxx

  • Well said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with your size at all, if anything I look up to you.
    Your beautiful and you have achieved so much and it doesn’t matter what others think it’s about how you feel!
    hannerking xxx

  • Great post. I’m a size 14/16 at 5ft 4in and my BMI says obese. I was in my local pub the other evening and heard two men behind me call me “a chunk” and how they never realised how “chunky” i was, then thought it was ok to tell me how i have a pretty face but i’m fat. Luckily i’ve heard worse and can handle myself well, i know if i was younger i would probably have cared what these idiots said.
    Also my boyfriend likes to remind me how a BMI can mean nothing, look at the rugby players who are 19st but can run the length of a pitch for 80 mintues, sure the BMI chart would class them as obese too?! xxxx

  • APPLAUSE. Really well said Georgina!!!

    I’ve always worried about my weight. Everyone I grew up with is TINY, and it gave me a massive complex about my body. It’s actually only since I started blogging and looking at photos of myself every week that I’ve realised that ACTUALLY I’m happy with how I look.

    Massive high fives to you <3

  • I completely agree, people need to mind their own business and stop letting other people know they’re fat. We have mirrors in the house, we know we’re fat.

  • You are just stunning the way you are, and anyone who says otherwise is a complete asshole. Well said! x

  • The Newbie

    I wish I had the confidence and body love you do! Amazing to see someone so inspiring you go girly keep rocking who you are and be proud of it :)x

  • I’m glad that even when people try to bring you down, you’re are just as quick to bring yourself right back up. No one she be shamed for how they look. Keep rocking your style!!! Much love from across the pond.

  • I got bullied at school because was “too thin” even though it was natural and I was healthy. In fact, when I changed GPs and had an introductory examination they told me I was underweight because of my BMI.

    People have a problem with weight which ever end of the scale it is, and it’s just so frustrating. People are so narrow minded. At the end of the day it all comes down to health and happiness.

    If you are happy and healthy then screw the rest.

  • I wish I could hug you!

  • Rosy Flynn

    Just thought I’d stick my opinion in here,

    I personally think you are beautiful and don’t let anyone ever try and put you down.



  • Amazing post!! I was alarmed and disgusted reading his post this morning. Lately I have lost weight as I wanted to tone up and achieve my dream body and I had one friend telling me to “eat some cake”. I am happier with my body now and much more confident – body shaming is just pathetic. I think you look fabulous and you are a lovely, amazing person too 🙂 xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • Great post lovely 🙂 You have always been in my eyes, a beautiful and strong woman!

    • I’ve just worked out my BMI for the first time in years and going by when I was rock bottom only 3 months ago, I was apparently borderline obese. However if I had known that at the time, I doubt I would have been able to lose any weight or have the mentality that I wanted to at all. I’m already depressed, so why the hell should I have to read a blog post saying that if you’re not a certain weight, then you’re not beautiful? Regardless if it was poorly written or not, it’s not going to help any one, and as you you said, no one should tell you how you should look. <3

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    Great post and couldn’t have said it any better myself. It’s always been taught to me to hate the way I look and to not love myself because of my size; by the media, by the public and even by my Dad (Who still feels this way). Since I started introducing fashion into my blog, I have begun to love my 5’6, size 22 self. It’s amazing what support from others in the same situation can do! Keep doing you George – i’ve been reading your blog for the longest time and you’ve done SO well for yourself! As a wise person once said (me); haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. 😀

  • Well said baby girl! <3

  • You are so inspiring. Well said, my lovely. Big love xx

  • This really resonates with me and has completely lifted my mood after a really crappy day of trolls thinking it acceptable to cover my blog with their horrendous opinions. I’m happy in who I am and have always been so but such horrible comments still affect me so god knows how people who genuinely struggle cope with such moronic comments being slung at them!

    Keep being your wonderful self – we all love you!

    C xx

  • Kaci Soderstrom

    I’m so glad you posted this.. made me tear up.

  • Abso-freaking-lutely! I can’t understand these so called ‘concerned’ people who think it’s their place to impose their opinions on someone that didn’t ask for it, with the tired old cliche of “it’s better for your health if you aren’t obese” when they are creating a worse health issue by mentally bullying and scarring with their bigoted views. Personally speaking, I fell ill while thin and my illness (or lack of mobility) has been the cause of my weight gain. Yes, it’s not my ‘natural’ size, but I have no health issues caused by being fat. At all! I always hear “…but you can’t help your weight”, like some excuse should be made for me! I made peace with being this size a long time ago and what matters more to me is my mental state and my physical health, not what the scales or dress size say. If I recover and never lose the weight I gained, then so be it. I’m quite happy as the person I am now and I shouldn’t be made to feel like I have to lose weight to get back to who I was/fit in/be healthier/be attractive or whatever issue other people think I SHOULD be experiencing! I always find it funny that these people spend so much of their own time on people they don’t even know…like why does it bother you that someone you don’t even know is fat? If you don’t like it, don’t go on their blog/FB/whatever. All it does is reflect what issues they are battling!

    Good on you for being so comfortable in yourself at such a young age, that’s how it should be.

  • Having always suffered with a negative body image (and still do to a certain degree) I really admire you. I would say I wish I was like you but that’s not quite what I mean. I think it’s more I hope to feel the same about myself one day through accepting and loving who I am no matter the numbers or opinions of others. I always find your blog inspirational, you’re such a beautiful, confident woman and a great role model for others. We shouldn’t feel that we have to conform to a scale that isn’t always true for everyone. Like others have said, there are athletes that would be classed as obese according to BMI alone.

    It’s fantastic and motivating to read about someone who is truly happy with who they are and it’s sad that its so rare.

  • Roxie Ferguson

    Such an inspiring post, I totally agree with everything you have said. It’s shame some people get off on criticising and putting others down, you are clearly beautiful and a wonderful writer! I love your confidence and honesty xxx

  • This is such a wonderful post. I’m a size 22/24 and none are of my health problems are linked to the size of my fat cells. I’m so tired of concern trolls pretending to care about fat peoples health just because they want to attack someone. it has been proven time and again that shame and guilt does not help someone improve their health, yet people that hate fat people refuse to stop the attacks. Anyway I’m preaching to the choir. Thank you for such an on point post.


  • You are fabulous, don’t let anyone else think otherwise. BMI is seriously flawed, and why do other people always want to nosey in other people’s business. I find this with hair, tattoo, anything, why can’t people just let other be happy!

  • Sarah A

    You and your followers brighten up my day. Until a few years ago I was one of those older women that did go through a phase of self loathing. This was thanks to oh so amazing ex. It took me a long time after mental abuse to ‘find myself’ again. You know what, I now love myself. Yay. I’m 34, nearly 19 stone and size 24. I have also never put that out in the public domain! As I’ve said before, we all see people each day and probably think what are they wearing but you would never say it out loud surely? Live and let live! Life is too short. Oh and by the way, you are beautiful. Don’t ever let others get you down. Post it on here if they do and you will soon see who is fighting your corner. X

  • Such an inspiring post, I hate the way people judge others on their appearance and size. In my opinion it doesn’t matter about that stuff if you’re happy. xxx

  • ghost*poo

    I love your attitude, and think you look absolutely stunning in that outfit!

  • Bloody well said! xx

  • Penelope_Cherry

    Fuck yeah! I’m 37 and only last year did I finally learn to start loving my body. And let me tell you, after years and years of being on the body shaming and self loathing bandwagon it is liberating. I’m a damn sexy fat natural redhead and there aren’t nothing better than that. Thank you for this post xx Pe

  • Good on you! You’re beautiful inside and out, and you shouldn’t let people tell you otherwise! Great post, lovely! Keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂 xxx

  • Georgina, I can’t even tell you how much I friking LOVE this post.

    Number one, you look amazing, number 2, as long as your happy in your skin who cares what these narrow minded people think? Number 3,

    You could practically wipe these people out with those shamazing eyebrows of yours! haha

    Love your attitude, keep doing what your doing

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  • megsiobhan

    I adore this post.

    At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter what size somebody is, and how it’s seen in society and the media etc. If the individual is happy with how they are, genuinely happy and confident, then freakin’ rock on to them! The media drowns us with how women should look and it’s a tired old thing now. They need to realise this. Yes, some women look like whoever the next big name is, but only some. Most women have such a wide range of different figures and whatnot, that they need to start paying attention and notice this.

    It takes a lot to have confidence and when you have that…it shows in your attitude and how you are, as a person. And from what I’ve read on your blog, you have it down to a tee. I have only started to get my confidence back (and better than it was before it was basically shattered), and it’s a great feeling! And you know what? My body is actually the last thing on my mind. So what if I look like a confused Hobbit? I don’t care. I’m living life, and enjoying it.

    There will always be narrow minded, foolish people in this world, and they just have to learn the very hard way, that it’s so simple to just be accepting.

    PS. You look stunning! 🙂


  • Shyntwyss

    Btw reddit wasn’t saying that you photoshopped your face, it wasn’t about the makeup at all, they’re referring to the dimensions of the picture and that the door looks incredibly narrow as if you’d elongated the photo or something but I guess it’s just the weird angle? You wear your weight extremely well, you have a gorgeous face but obesity in the long run is never healthy.

  • Holly

    Georgina, I LOVE this!

    As a girl who is curvy (the same size as you), I have always struggled with body image. I remember being 8 years old and wondering if I could cut fat off of my stomach with a pair of scissors. I didn’t do it, but I was so tempted – at 8 years old I felt the intense pressures of body image and believing that if I could just get rid of some fat, then people would like me more and I’d be the same as them.

    I might have gained a new perspective on it, but society hasn’t and a lot of people judge others by their appearance and see ‘fat’ as ‘ugly’. Yeah? because seeing your ribs and having a head bigger than your shoulders is something to aspire to be?. We all are who we are. I just wish we all could accept that.

    Brill post!

    Holly xx

  • I got posted to Reddit ‘fat people haters’ list last week … can’t believe how spiteful those people are!!

  • You are a star and an inspiration, I wish I’d had your confidence at 20. Wish all women did! And that picture of you shows you have an incredible figure!

  • lady .nancy

    why would anyone leave hateful comments, if they are happy with themselves, i dont understand… I pity them.