Illamasqua Mystery Box

For my Mum’s birthday I decided I wanted a couple High End products in so I found that Illamasqua are selling a ‘Mystery Box’ right now for £17.50, which is an absolute bargain considering the products inside! Four of the products inside are unknown colours which is really exciting as you might find a new love for a colour you’d never thought you would try.
First there’s Precision Ink in Glister, this will be in every Mystery Box and it’s £18.50.
Next up is the Liquid Metal, this is also in every box at £17.50.
The rest of the products are different per box, I got a silver and light pink in a powder eye shadow worth £15.50 each.
Then two different Nail Varnishes in a glittery green and light purple, both of which are worth £14.50.
So for under £20 I’ve got nearly £100 of products, completely amazing and such a good deal! They’re all full size products and I’m actually happy with all the colours, my Mum is too! Although this is definitely going to be a shared present.
illamasqua mystery box
It’s a lovely packaged box with amazing products inside. The Glister looks a funny colour in some lighting, however it’s glittery! Which makes everything 10x better obviously. The liquid metal looks absolutely fantastic, I’m definitely going to try this as an eyeliner/eye shadow, maybe on my lips. The silver would make a lovely smokey eye, the pigments are so strong that only a tiny little bit is needed.
illamasqua mystery box
I’d actually buy a couple of these boxes if I had the money as it’s amazing value for money and the quality of the products is unreal. I’m really starting to love Illamasqua’s products!