Illamasqua’s Meadowhall Blogger Event – Autumnal Makeup

Illamasqua is definitely one of my favourite brands so I was over the moon to be invited to their latest Blogger event at their brand in Meadowhall, Sheffield. Initially the event was meant to be ran by Illamasqua’s UK Brand Ambassador, Zoe Peplow (who’s work I’ve seen in action and you can read about here). However, Zoe wasn’t well enough to work the event so instead we had the beautiful Farys, who showed us a daringly dark Autumnal look. We were greeted at the Illamasqua counter in Debenhams Meadowhall and began to have a little look around whilst we waiting for a few others to arrive. We then headed off to a magical room that filled with Illamasqua’s beautiful makeup, tasty cakes, weirdly nice drinks and more tempting makeup. Farys talked us through the entire process and gave us a couple tips along the way, including something that had other non-Sheffield based Illamasqua makeup artists wanting to know…..
Illamasqua's Meadowhall Blogger Event
Which of course is how the Sheffield Illamasqua Makeup Artists get those beyond perfected, sharp and clean cut eyes! The answer is to do them before any other products are applied to the face and to over blend as much as possible. A messy and not the most attraction process, but after you then clean up the edges with makeup remover and a cotton bud, you are left with fiercely perfected eye makeup. Despite the model being rather pretty, she didn’t want to smile which would have shown this looks full wow factor, as it really was stunning in person.
Illamasqua's Meadowhall Blogger Event
You’re probably wondering what products were used to create this bold Autumnal look, well of course there was Illamasqua’s Brow Cake in Thunder, as well as Cream Pigment Hallow as a base with Forgiveness, Truth, Obsidian and Tango eye shadows. Fervent Pur Pigment, their wonderful Precision Gel Liner and Masquara were also used as well as some natural looking lashes.
For the base Hydra Veil was used with Skin Base mixed in with Furore Pure Pigment to give the skin a dewy and beautiful glow. The glow was enhanced with Gleam in Aurora and sculpted with Deep 1 for a subtle and rounded contour.
Lastly, Vampette was used with Severity Lip Pencil to complete the look.Finally on to the lips Severity lip pencil was used and Glamore lipstick in Vampette.
Illamasqua's Meadowhall Blogger Event
We also got to smell Illamasqua’s beautifully different perfumes and check out the new Glamore lipsticks, there’s now at least 7 that I need in my life! I also got chance to catch up with the beautiful Hayley from Hayley Loves!
Illamasqua's Meadowhall Blogger Event, Georgina Grogan, Shemightbeloved
Illamasqua also made us up the most beautiful goodie bags including 3 different nail varnishes and a sample of their new Matte Veil Primer! I was happy just to get another Illamasqua bag as they’re truly beautiful and definitely represent the brand. The team at Meadowhall then very kindly offered to take a group photo on our cameras for us, something that is incredibly helpful yet rarely done at events like these!
Illamasqua's Meadowhall Blogger Event, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
Overall, I absolutely loved the event. I thought the planning, setup and execution of the event was very well thought out. Despite everyone’s shyness in places the team carried on making conversation and giving us tips into the world of Illamasqua, we also got talking about the new Once Collection which is absolutely breathtaking. The team at Meadowhall are absolutely amazing and I’d definitely recommend heading over there and letting them work their magic.
Thank you so much for inviting me, I am already looking forward to their Halloween Beauty School Drop in!