Illamasqua Sale Picks

Before starting this blog I had never even heard of Illamasqua. I now have a small collection of products that with the sale, I’ve been able to expand for a very affordable price. Much of their sale has now gone but there is still a very varied selection from eye liners to blushers left. I thought I would try out their cream foundation and cream concealer, with a medium to heavy coverage it sounded perfect for me. As well as this I’ve had my eye on the white liquid eye liner, Scribe, for a while now as I’ve got a few looks I’ve wanted it for. Along with a white pencil eyeliner, Elate, that I’ve had before and couldn’t say no to a discounted one.

Foundation 115, Concealer 105, Scribe, and Elate.
I find the packaging at Illamasqua unbelievably beautiful, and with the compact mirrors, very handy. The Cream Foundation was £5 and a very good coverage, even though I have oily skin I did find it very drying and hard to blend so I’m really glad I didn’t pay full price. I found the same with the concealer which was also only £5, although I think if the mixture was warmed up more it’d be a little easier. I got them both in the lightest colours and the concealer is basically white, meaning it makes a fantastic highlighter.

Foundation 115, Concealer 105, Scribe, and Elate.

I’ve seen Scribe on different Make up Artist’s creations for months now and decided I needed it in my life, finally I can get going on designs that I’ve kept stored away. It’s a wonderful creation with a brilliant applicator and for £7.50 I’m incredibly happy with it. Finally the white pencil, Elate for £5, perfect to highlight the brow bone, waterline, Cupid’s bow and tear duct. I’ve found the Illamasqua pencils to have a creamy consistency which is perfect for blending.

illamasqua Foundation 115, Concealer 105, Scribe, and Elate.
Foundation 115, Concealer 105, Scribe, and Elate.

(Foundation 115, Concealer 105, Scribe, and Elate.)

All of these products I managed to get for £22.50, but now the Illamasqua sale has a further 10% off with ‘SALE10’, as well as free delivery!