Illamasqua Experience

Since starting my blog all I’ve heard/seen was Illamasqua and I had never even heard of it before, let alone seen any of their products. Looking back I’m really disappointed in myself because it’s absolutely beautiful. Just as a whole, the packaging, the products, the design of the actual counter, the MAKEUP BRUSHES oh my, I want.
But let me start this story at the beginning….meet Cat, aka Kitty Cat.
Reflex bar
After an extended shift I was really tired and hungry, desperately in need of a cash machine and a taxi home. Upon my travels, Cat must have caught my scent and hunted me down. After a little disagreement on where and what our plans would be, we headed back to Lush to take advantage of our job and get ready using Lush’s wonderful products (if you haven’t guessed by now we work together). Whilst we were getting ready Cat decided to empty her, well she calls it a makeup bag but I wouldn’t stretch that far, onto the table. In this so called bag was broken products, 2 different foundations that were around 6 shades darker than her skin as she ‘mixes’ them together, and god knows what else.


old makeup bag

I was absolutely disgusted, I began lecturing her and actually said, ‘if you’re good to your makeup, it’s good to you’, I’m still quite impressed by that quote. But just LOOK AT THE STATE. I couldn’t bare to look anymore and Cat actually suggested that I take her makeup shopping. Well say no more. That was it, I initially planned on taking her straight to MAC and grabbing some foundation, then heading over to Boots/Superdrug. Instead as we walked towards Illamasqua we decided to take a look, just over an over later and over £70 down between us, we had finished.

After my Benefit experience I was a little weary about high end beauty counters, well Zoe – the makeup artist who was there, changed my mind completely. Illamasqua has only been around for 5 years, and fortunately they haven’t turned into robots yet! Zoe talked us through almost every product and brushes, then afterwards we told her what we were actually shopping for and immediately she sat Cat down for a makeover. Cat decided that she preferred a lighter coverage that she could build up, so MAC would have been a terrible idea!
Zoe told us about the Beauty School workshops the first Sunday of every month and they sound fantastic! Definitely something we want to go to in the near future. Zoe asked Cat about all her preferences and really catered the makeover to her, instead of whatever they were promoting that day. It felt a lot more personal and was far better customer service than some other counters! Zoe was really down to earth and is absolutely fantastic at her job!
illamasqua makeover
A couple of products that stood out for me were:
1) The foundation that can actually cover up tattoos, Rich Liquid. Cat tried the lighter one on, Skin Base.
2) The blacker than black gel eyeliner, pictured below.
3) A blush that you can use as lipstick as well in a dark purple/red colour.
4) THE MASCARA – below is obviously a picture of the difference a couple coats make.
(Cat was actually still suffering from an allergic reaction to my favourite face mask at the time, but the foundation was still brilliant)


illamasqua mascara

And finally, the finished look! Cat normally doesn’t colour her eyebrows in and I thought she look beautiful, but she wasn’t comfortable with them so Zoe took them away, sad moment.

illamasqua makeover
Here are all the gorgeous products Zoe used. I must point out that I love their slogan ‘Make-up for your alter ego’, it’s beautiful.
illamasqua makeover

Cat ended up buying the foundation, blush and a white pencil called Vow for a highlighter. I also grabbed the same pencil and a darker one in called honour. I’ve used them both so many times since it’s unreal, definitely an essential item to have. I would have bought more yet I need money for food and transport. So next month I’m off for a makeover!

illamasqua makeover, ombre lip
Ombre lips created with the Honour pencil. I’m in love.
Because we were with Illamasqua for so long and spent so much, we decided to end our trip there but I will be getting my hands on Cat’s makeup bag again next payday and hopefully finishing it off. It already looks so much better!
revamped makeup bag
I’m hopefully going to help revamp a few more makeup bags soon so keep an eye out.