Makeup for Mums! Makeup for Mature Skin

After the arrival of my new MUA eye palette Heaven and Earth I’ve decided to CONSTANTLY use it. I have also had a successful phone interview with Benefit Cosmetics (which is now my ‘What to expect from a Benefit Interview’ post), but I’m a little out of practice with putting makeup on others seen as my mother selfishly had a boy instead of another girl. This meant I decided to try out things on my mum instead. I pretty much used her normal makeup, except I applied more of it and added a few favorites of my own.
After watching hours of Benefit’s YouTube channel I’ve discovered that they absolutely love smokey eyes, something which I have never been able to fully master. However, they like really subtle smokey eyes, so I tried it out of my mum using the MUA palette and I LOVE the results.
makeup for mature skin
 I also cut her fringe in before the photos were taken, so it looks a lot fluffier than usual but I think a really sharp hair cut helped this look. I’ve used Max Factor’s long lasting foundation, with MAC studio fix and Collection 2000 concealer. I contoured with Max Factor’s bronzer and then Mulberry blush on top.  Along with the MUA palette I’ve used Benefit’s they’re real mascara, mixed opinions on this one so a review will be following! And of course I’ve used Lush’s Independence eyeliner as it’s my favourite. Natural collections eyeshadow has been dusted slightly onto the eyebrows to create definition, Benefit are extremely passionate about eyebrows, as am I. Finally I’ve used Lush’s Confident lipstick to give it an edgier finish as I found the eyes quite light and more for day time.
makeup for mature skin
 I do love a little flick although now I’m so used to wearing eyeliner on myself I find it really hard to be ‘minimal’ and always end up with Amy Winehouse eyes.
I might try something new next time, my interview is on Wednesday so I’ve still got a couple days. Maybe something more colourful or wild? Who knows!
My mum got a quite few compliments from family members, which she loved! It’s been years that she’s worn eyeliner like this, I often do her makeup but she’s never let me spend as much time as this. I’m very happy with the results, what do you guys think? My mum is 50 in a couple weeks!
  • So fun! I think it's awesome to try out new ideas on those you love and know well. Share with your mum that she looks GORGEOUS! 🙂