I Did My (Boy)Friend’s makeup!

Keisha and I have known each other for over a year now and in that year we’ve become best friends. So much so that I call her my boyfriend, well my best boyfriend ever. She carries my bags, goes to the bar, and always picks me up and drops me off whenever we go out. We’re really cute. Before Keisha left for university in the Midlands, we had a girly day where we played with makeup and obviously drank alcohol as that’s what we do best together.
before and after picture
Before, all natural on the top, and then after I was unleashed on her face. I wanted to do a simple daytime look. Keisha doesn’t normally wear eye shadows so I kept it very natural. The only thing I would change about it is the eyebrows, Keisha’s natural eyebrows are an odd shape to try and get an arch in properly. I loved them on the day but looking back they look far too big.
going out makeup

Products used:
Max Factor’s 3 in 1 foundation.
Collection 2000 powder.
MUA eye palette.
Max Factor’s masterpiece max
Rimmel London lipstick
Max Factor’s blush in natural glow
MUA eyebrow palette
Lush’s independent eyeliner

Just pretty basic products really but I loved how they look together.
Keisha did my makeup afterwards which we filmed, but it didn’t come out right. It was absolutely hilarious but due to the sheer amount of laughter, I didn’t get a decent picture.